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  1. I would say: “Thank you. SL sometimes dresses me like a blind valet with passive aggressive fashion sense.” Or... ”Thank you. I’m beta-testing a new viewer that only allows avatars with grace and intelligence to see me correctly. It seems to be working perfectly.” or, if I was in my Lucy avatar: “Thank you dear. When I first res in-world I like a full body massage with body powder. When I dress, I like passive seductive outfits that say “you bet I will, but not with you.” And when I leave for my virtual office I like my perfume to be applied by a submissive servant using butterfly kisses and hugs. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning but, for now... won’t you be a good little pet and fetch me some tea.”
  2. Caged excellence is a BDSM sim and group with active friendly members and lots of events. Mad Peas is a buyers group, but they also have and active group centered around mad peas games and hunts. Flikr has an active SL photography group Builders Brewery has a sandbox group, community and sim that is extremely helpful with learning how to build stuff. They also have events. a lot of these groups have discord connections that span SL and RL. there are countless art groups and galleries that exhibit creativity in many forms. SL in-world search is a mess but with a little triangulation between google search, and SL search, and in world exploring you can find lots of niche groups.
  3. I added a little weight to Lucy and bought a new skin (sessions) and head (lelutka) that allows her tummy, hip, and booty do the talking. Looking much more cuddly.
  4. Welcome back! Like the Hotel California... "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave." I've taken many breaks over the years.It's all good. Nurture whatever brought you back and avoid the things that made you leave the first time! Most of all: Breath. Your virtual life should feed you not the other way around. 🙂
  5. So... back in kindergarten I needed to go to the bathroom “real bad” but the bathroom that we shared with another classroom was occupied. I fidgeted and squirmed and danced in my seat hoping, praying that whoever was using the facilities would finish before it was too late. With every ounce of effort I locked my sphincter from the advancing hoard until finally... I ***** my pants. When I was done, the cascading mudslide of poo made me sit two inches taller. But instead of accepting my preschool humiliation with honor I stealthily slumped down in my seat and pretended that nothing at all had happened. After a while the smell of my curated compost was over whelming. The kids on the back row sniffed and looked at each other. I sniffed and looked at them and then thumbed my disdain towards the quiet kid sitting next to me. After about 90 minutes the class ended and I walked home. Alone. Carrying a pants full of evidence from the scene of the crime. I had gotten away with it! Nobody was the wiser, although I doubt that the last three rows of kids would have agreed with me., or the teacher, or the custodian, or the quiet kid that never again set next to me. FYI: I discovered as I got up to leave that the bathroom was never actually occupied. The last student from the other class had forgotten to flip the hanging door knob message from red to green. I learned many lessons that day. Stop lights lie and should always be questioned. Brown corduroy, holds a surprising amount of excrement. And most of all, nobody ever believes a ***** faced liar especially when the ***** is literally rolling down his legs.
  6. Thank you, Oz. I have fond memories of your accomplishments at LL. Remember, Lindens don't retire, they change their name, hang up their teddy bears, and become Zindra appliance mentors.
  7. My word for the day. oh... and yeah, my female alt uses Belleza/Lelutka. There are some BOM issues with Belleza but I love the Freya shape and I have no interest in swapping yet gain (and then updating all my “outfits.”) My male avatars use Jake/Catwa. Male fashion is far less diverse than shopping for female fashion. I guess there are only so many combinations of leather jackets and A-shirt tank tops that can be sold. Still... data is always good. Maybe I’ll be ready for a change next year?
  8. Back in the day (dinosaur story coming...) I was a member of a BDSM sim called The Black Rose(?). It was a community type sim with active seating and talking(texting) areas as well as a more discreet dungeon and play areas. After being there a while I was invited to a private party on the sim. I rezzed in a large room with a covered center area and a ring of tables. The covered area was set up for public sex (pose ball animal skins) and those who sat around the tables were expected (but not forced) to perform. There was a host who got the ball rolling (or the roll balling?) New couplings were encouraged. Anybody could ask or be asked by anybody (everybody) else. Because we all knew each other, or at least we're familiar to each other as regulars, it sifted out the silent statues and anonymous lurkers. It was more or less an intimate but controlled orgy. On one occasion the center area offered an S shaped love seat. two fully clothed avatars sat down and the rest of intercourse happened in chat. Very very hot. Everything was said (including cat calls and commentary) in open chat. No money was exchanged. Shy people became animals. Dommes sometimes found themselves submitting. It was a lot of fun. I suspect there are still places like this on the grid, but they are not advertised. I imagine that high quality, Intimate, public group, lasciviousness is hoarded and guarded.
  9. I spent a wonderful Sunday evening walking the cobblestones and exploring the galleries. Great selection of art in an absolutely enchanting vista.
  10. How big is mid size? What kind of a theatre? Do you have a budget in mind? When do you need it? Are you furnishing it? I'm open for a new build. Let me know if I can help and to see if we are a good fit or not?
  11. I'm working on new product boxes for my rebranded store. Always fun! I learn something new every time I'm in Blender.
  12. Being a hostess, DJ, or stripper are pretty common jobs in SL. The ones who are extroverted and social tend to do very well for themselves. I build and sell things but I'm very casual about it. Im not looking to be an SL mogul and what I sell pays for my uploads. This allows me the low-stress SL lifestyle I've grown to love. Checking out the help wanted (in the forums) can be a good start. I once knew a guy who was paid $L500 an hour for mentoring help with new residents. He said it was very rewarding and the n000bs didn't mind paying for exclusive help with endless stuff that that would have to face that is not included on help island.
  13. Male or Female in SL? I have friends who portray opposite RL genders for both Male and Female. I also have friends who are furries with indeterminate genders. Of course I have friends who are living SL as a gender that reflects RL minus the age, weight, and impossible good looks (myself included). At the moment most of my friends appear as SL women. It's really kind of a moving target. I also have a friend who lives SL as a xenomorph. I haven't checked for any obvious gender signs with that one, and I'm not really sure if I want to.
  14. I've become more active on Flikr. I love to document where I've been and what I did. https://www.flickr.com/photos/191698491@N08/
  15. After many years I have developed a pattern to my redistribution of linden love. Below is a brief accounting of how it tallies from highest to lowest. What are yours? Model and texture uploads. I really (REALLY) should do my testing on the beta grid. But I don’t, so... yeah lots and lots of lindens. Club tips and sim donation boxes. A fun, well-managed sim is a thing of beauty and every donation helps. Working as a DJ or hostess (or stripper?) is a job. If you are any good it takes skill and personality. One of my alts, worked as a stripper for period of time so I always try to be generous. Clothes and avatar upgrades. I really don’t spend a lot for myself, but my other alts are closet horders. Avi updates (mesh bodies and heads, skins etc) is an investment that lasts a while, But when it comes around... they can be pricy! Furniture. I love, love love to build themed homes and then decorate them. Some things that are specific to my building I create myself, and some things I buy just because I don’t think I could create it any better. Building pieces, scripts and gadgets. I need a corbel? Buy it. A sit rotator? Buy it. Pine trees and landscaping? Buy it. A custom script to add functionality to something I’ve built? Buy or commission it
  16. I've joined a few club groups, but mostly I follow DJs. A good DJ makes or breaks a club and they often travel about from venue to venue. So I am exploring and getting introduced to new places where I know the music selection is great. This also applies to live music events. Follow the artists and the clubs will follow. I build. I used to just prim play, but now I'm neck deep into blender and mesh. It relaxes me. Once in a while I will actually put it into my marketplace store and sell something, which is always good.I can always use cash and my other avatar is an unapologetic boot whore (SMH). I explore. This is kind-of old school, but I look at the map for stacks of green dots and then just randomly TP there. For me the destination guide for clubs and meetups seems stuck on the same old places but the editor picks often have new places. Window shopping... which inevitably leads to real shopping but I found the most adorable animesh rabbits the other day but just window shopping. I flirt. I gave up SLex a long time ago. But I love to flirt and have intimate discussions with true SL friends who know me, that cruise close to SLsex without the nasty pixel bumping. Intimacy in SL happens in the mind not the screen IMHO. Find a spot, grab a friend, and cuddle while exploring the folds and corners of their darkest (or lightest) desires. Meeting new people and making new friends. Help somebody new get over the hump and unlock the wonders of living in a virtual world.
  17. You are pretty enough for me! Honestly, it makes me wonder what taste they are looking for? And for that matter, if taste is such a factor they should do the right (common) thing and create a female avatar exactly to their taste and buy her all the clothes she needs. My female Avi loves me unconditionally, and I gift her clothes all the time. (I just purchased her a Baii Maii blouse that rocks her Freya curves.) The challenge in SL isn't finding someone who is pretty enough (IMR?) Its finding (uncovering) the pretty that isn't slider dependent.
  18. Thank you. The trees and stones are Heart. But the Bunker underneath is mine, including curved mesh panel walls, doors. The furniture is purchased as well, but all the digging, terraforming, burying and landscaping design is mine. Like anything in SL, it is a collaboration. 🙂
  19. The college I worked for asked me to investigate SL as a potential teaching platform. Linden Labs was recruiting universities and brands at the time. I used one of the school’s alt for about three weeks in December 05 (During break). I thought it was pretty cool and integrated it into my digital design and illustration classes for the fall of 2006. I created my own college alt (teaching) in 4/11/06. (I got paid to play in SL as a summer sabbatical. Woohoo!) I stopped teaching a few years ago, but This alt is still active when I want to hide away. The one I use now (the one that stuck) is 12/16/08.
  20. Will I ever grow up? Really... the window for that is all but nailed shut. Regardless, I have lived and built many homes both on the mainland and rentals. My current home is about the best balance of personal and public that I have ever created. It's open to the air for those hot summer nights, and buried for when I want a little privacy. It has comfortable seating areas. Access to my low-key in-world store, and a view of the ocean and sunset. No bathrooms...because...I've never understood bathrooms in SL. No kitchen either, but I have a microwave! I have a shower, but oddly enough it's for cleaning up rather than getting dirty. It is my escape from the RL world and my SL home for more than a year, (a new worlds record for me!) Desire (182, 153, 105)
  21. Let’s see... in my tenure in SL I have seen satanic animal sacrifice, Catholic stations of the cross, two chibi furries having Slex on playground equipment, a snuffle dungeon with appliances, Mormon temples, vegan only meditation zones, alien tentacle rap, national socialist rp areas, hippie tie-dye trailer parks, and a resident (before zindra) who lived in a 15M Dindong house with requisite glowing particle fountain. SL has been a beacon of tolerance in a world hell-bent on stifling “other” people’s “wrong” views. 1. Why would I want this to change? 2. Who gets to decide what is hate? 3. Which cultural compass are we going to use to define “right thinking?” In times like these I like to remember a axiom taught to me by a gifted political science teacher. “When you give power to an entity to make something “legal” you also give them the power to make it illegal.” It’s worth thinking about. IMHO at least.
  22. There are those who rubberneck an accident, and then there are those who create accidents to rubberneck. Some people just gotta watch the world burn. Don’t be surprised if he shows up later on, and gaslight the whole experience, draws you in, then does the same thing again.
  23. In my crystal ball I see... A mutation of the 'Rona that sends everyone back into extreme isolation again which drives an invading horde of former SL critics seeking any kind of social interaction regardless of how embarrassing it might be. Concurrency rates will explode. Residents who have left will return and continually ask those around them what the hell is bento and does it come with duck sauce? In an effort to cater to its older (RL age) demographic an SL version of Jeopardy (SLeparty) and Wheel of Fortune (Disk of SLuck) will become a popular hosted event with mesh recliners replacing dance pads. Zindra and SLex in general will become passé, yielding ground to a new continent dedicated to ultra religious ideals. The newest club on this island will be called Noah's Arc-ade featuring Hymns and Bingo (SLingo) games. Instead of vampires and bloodline devotees, missionaries will stalk the mainland with special HUDS that keep track of contacts and conversions. Elon Musk will invent a new, cheap, quantum processor that will finally let all users walk around full sims, at 100FPS, with graphics turned up to full. Orange clouds will disappear except for those selling the ironic orange particle cloud as an avatar option. Donald Trump will buy a collection of islands, setting himself as King and calling all other sims fake.
  24. Blender is frustrating for me sometimes (most of the time actually.) I really enjoy it but ARGH, sometimes it feels like I'm beating my head against a wall. I'm self taught, and have been using it for years, which means I have a lot of vertical knowledge in some areas and embarrassing gaps in others. I know that in blender there is sometimes multiple ways to accomplish the same thing. But I can't help but wonder sometimes if the root of my problems and frustrations are because my workflow is ignorant. Texturing is one of those areas. I use Eevee for most of the building part, then switch to Cycles when I am trying to light and texture my model. I have successfully created a texture, with AO and shading all within Blender. But to be honest, I am tempted to just create AO and shadow maps, save those to my working folder, and then bring them into Photoshop to really play with the texture. (I have 35 years in Photoshop experience.) Once I get them where I want them I upload those separately into SL to place on my model. Is this Kosher? Am I short changing myself to do it this way? Is there a better way of creating textures? Also, just as a side question, is using shading nodes a better way of accomplishing this? They scare and confuse me, they are overwhelming, but look VERY powerful with more control. Is it worth the frustration learning how to use them for SL models?
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