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  1. I have two mainland parcels for sale in a very quiet, low lag sim. I've lived here for 2 years and it has been a dream. Protected Linden Road access. 1218 m2 and 1536 m2. Both pieces are next to each other and I'm willing to sell separate or together. Very affordable with great, tasteful neighbors. Im moving to a deep underwater grotto in another sim, so no need for these. Check it out, these will go fast. First come, first served. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Desire/172/150/105
  2. Just as an FYI, after thinking about this thread for a few days I’ve decided to sell my land and go looking for some deep water real estate. I’ve been in my bunker for two years and it’s time to change. Thanks for reminding me what makes SL special!
  3. When SL started out there was no teleporting. It worked fine at a small scale, but as things grew it was decided that telehubs were needed. Telehubs allowed teleporting but only to restricted specific regional entry areas. It was kind of a hybrid approach. It facilitated learning the geographic intimacy of your surroundings with the expedience of getting there quick— kind of like train stations. Again as SL grew direct teleports became necessary. In my opinion direct teleports were a reaction to unexpected quick exponential growth. Linden labs used to take a very hands-on approach to mainland geography, coastlines, lakes, roads, railways, public space and private space. It still does to some extent, but it’s more (imho) directed to creative potential rather than boxed expectations. The exception to this are the ultra planned communities of linden homes. i kind of miss the telehub days. You really got to organically “know” (explore)an area while still being able to teleport quickly from region to region.
  4. Once a year, maybe? The first reason being that there are (IMHO) very few people who know how to have SLex besides jumping onto an appliance and typing or saying "ohhh baby..." Because of this (reason 2) random SLex is uninteresting. I have found that just like real life, sharing head space before bumping uglies (knocking boots, pushing the one eyed minister into heaven,) is really important. Which leads me to reason three: becoming intimate with someone takes time. For this reason I have a few close SL friends that from time to time will slide into a debauched howling at the moon with me. It kind of just happens. Sometimes my RL wife joins in. But yeah... its not on my daily, weekly, or even monthly to do list.
  5. I do this a lot and it works great. It is build intensive, but like a sketch it provides a base to get the feel of things before jumping into blender. Oh...and yeah... builders brewery is great and the people who build there are very helpful.
  6. I'll always remember my first land and house. I learned so much by taking things apart and rebuilding them. It was on this first piece of land that I build a giant flying peach hoisted by a flock of captured seagulls. My second piece of land was a grotto built underground at the bottom of a deep sea mainland parcel. I loved that spot. Someday I will go back to a grotto that ws a lot of fun. Ive also owned a skybox penthouse that had a 360 degree view of Seattle at midnight. I made it ( the view) slowly rotate like I was living on the top of the Space needle. I now live in a richly appointed underground bunker buried under a deep forest of pine trees. Each time I moved was an opportunity to reinvent my surroundings. I actually look forward to my next move.
  7. I received an advertisement from SpoiledStore for these wonderful tentacles and they reminded me of an exploration I did on Date Island. Voila! Underwater temptations!
  8. I escape, which my therapist says is un healthy. Within my escape I play barbie dress-up, (with female alt) shop, profile surf at dance clubs, attend live music shows, sing really bad Karaoke, upload ridiculously high mesh models, and talk with interesting people. Sometimes I play ocean sounds in RL under a UV lamp, while naked sunbathing (with male alt) in-world. I always find it amazing how readily the mind makes the jump from virtual to reality with very little help. I really like to RP when I can find an accommodating sim with experienced RPers. I still explore from time to time. Every few years (I've been in SL for 15) I take extended breaks of a month or more. This actually helps keep things in SL fresh and from me getting stuck in a virtual rut.
  9. I have check marks next too all those topics. I’d love to sit and talk. Feel free to look me up in-world
  10. Caged Elegance is a well run sim with lots of activities dedicated to BDSM without the cliche trappings.
  11. Rather than an alt detector, that "outs" resident's secret lives, I would love to see an alt neglector that limits your alts by censoring their vices and proclivities. It could be in the form of a HUD that contains a "WARNING: DON'T BE STUPID!" message which pops up right before you are about to do something regrettable.
  12. Groups, clubs, interest or destination search. It takes time but you can find a kindred spirit for most anything in SL. This means putting yourself out there a little but here is a suggestion: 1. Find a club that plays your flavor of music 2. Dance! This consists of clicking on a dance ball and letting go. your pixel person will wiggle like its 1999 freeing you to surf profiles. 3 find somebody who is close to your SL age and commiserate. Ask questions. share experiences. 4. Clubs generally have DJs and hostesses. Their job is to engage you. so in-between profile surfing and introducing yourself, make some public comments. Riff on the song being played, what you were doing when you first heard it, and that time you went backstage and snogged with a roadie from Aerosmith who you thought was Steven Tyler. 5. Comment on a riff that somebody else volunteered to share. 6. Rinse and repeat! after a while you will be a regular and you will recognize regulars and can invite them to your after party get together. Play some Mad Pea games. Variations of this theme can also be leveraged at other get togethers, events and groups in SL
  13. Avatar looks are transient, the person behind them are longer lasting People who judge on the appearance of a particular avatar on a particular day won't last very long in SL. SL is ALL about change and experimenting. So my advice is to ignore the haters and be your best unique you. Feel free to IM me in-world I love to "just hang."
  14. I did it! I hope you collect enough data. I used to work at The University of Idaho sims six years ago. I also taught college for ten years. Each Year, when I was teaching, I brought a group of students in-world to learn basic 3D skills and modeling. I still run into students from time to time. One they got over the initial learning curve of SL, it proved to be a great teaching platform. But, yeah... that initial learning curve is high.
  15. I have a female alt (Lucy Rust). While it’s not exactly a state secret, I don’t walk around and advertise (in-world) that Lucy is actually a guy. As a rule I don’t have SLex with anybody, which makes things less complicated, but still I have more than a few friends with whom I (Lucy) flirt or enjoy a little non-SLexual BDSM. (Kneeling, RP, appliance hopping?) most of these friends know that I am a guy in RL and enjoy the fantasy. A couple of my long term friends seem to dodge the conversation when I bring it up. It’s like they suspect, but don’t want to know. I respect that as well. As for myself, I really don’t care about RL gender. I play to the avatar and assume whatever mesh they are negotiating at the time is the visual cue they want me to follow. When I walk around and explore Lucy’s voice (dot) is always on. Sometimes Lucy uses voice and sometimes she does not. It’s not a hiding situation, just an intended use where it is appropriate. If someone asked for my gender up front I would tell them. I respect their “need to know” and don’t judge. It actually works out best for me in the end. If my RL gender scares them away then they are missing the real point (imho) of SL; discover the depth of humanity behind the thin mask of pixels.
  16. This may seem old school, but whenever I get an “out of left field” friend request, I offer my calling card. I politely say, “I don’t friend on first meetings, but I would love to talk with you again. If I’m in-world, IM me and we’ll make a date.” I’ve never had any blowback from this transparent approach. I had a very dear friend used this approach on me about 12 years ago, when we first met at a club and sparked up a conversation. I have used it ever since. It’s friendly, accommodating, without the intimacy of immediate “friendship.” It allows the seed of organic friendship take root so that when you actually ask for friendship they say, Duh! Dude, What took you so long?
  17. I’ve taken a couple breaks from SL. My last one was medical. I was out 18 months in recovery from surgery. And another year or so getting used to my new normal. When I came back to SL it seemed like the whole world had changed. Mesh bodies? Separate heads? BOM, EEP? I’m sure it is confusing and overwhelming for you. It was for me. But I got my SL legs back and found a couple of (new) communities where I felt comfortable. (My old ones where gone 😢) I like to imagine SL As huge ocean where we are all adrift in tiny life boats. We can teleport freely from lifeboat to lifeboat, but we are all universally subject to the waves and fickle inclement weather that SL throws at us. Take it one day at a time. The stuff that drew you to SL in the beginning is still here... it just now comes with four huds, better skin, and enough alpha channels to choke a horse.
  18. Going off the deep end in the forums? I can’t imagine it. ‘oh... yeah, It is kind of an age test isn’t it? Next time I’ll riff on CardiB
  19. Sorry... but I read the OP query and was caught up in a creative homage: I was tired of my girl friend, I guess we’d been together too long. Like a worn out recording of a favorite song. So while she lay there sleeping, I played SL instead. And in a dank darkened dungeon, there was a notecard that read: If you like bruised shiny bottoms, and spanking subs in the rain. If you’re not into torture, but can give me some pain. I like moaning deep in sub space on a cold metal chair, then you’re the Domme that I look for, emote to me with some flair. I didn't think about my girl friend. I know that sounds kinda douche, but RL sex with my girlfriend, had ebbed like an aging Egyptian cartouche. So I left a note in the forums, with a topic that read, and though I’m nobody’s Master, I think it says all there needs to be said. Yes, I like bruised shiny bottoms, and spanking subs in the rain. I’m into dark leather torture, but I’ll make do with some pain. I’ll even tie you in Shibari knots, emote to you without voice. Cuff you to an appliance like you don’t have a choice. I’ve got to meet you by tomorrow noon, and grasp you strong in my arms. On a sim called Temptation I’ll punish you without harm... *** Yes... I love emoting better than voice. There is more creativity, world building, teasing, thrust and parry. With fingertips flashing across keys lighted by the soft glow of erotic SLex the right couple can transcend pose balls and walk invited within the pink comforting folds of the brain where intimacy can dance and lethargic caresses of virtual bodies are spun into gold.
  20. This is somewhat explained on my forum profile but here it is: My first default avatar was created to investigate applications for (university) instruction within SL (2005). He is dead now. I then set up my own account (2006) to use with students whom I brought in-world to explain textures, 3D space and basic prim building. SL was/is a great tool to explain and demo Photoshop for composite textures, tiling, alpha channels and more. He is still around but I don’t use him much. I created another avatar for me to use outside of teaching, because SL is the kind of place where there should be clear demarcations between in-class and after-class exploration. A teacher should not be discovered hanging out in BDSM clubs. It messes with tenure. At this point I was building quite a bit, and planned to open an-in world store. I read somewhere that female avatar proprietors did better selling stuff. So Lucy was born. ‘I created another avatar (Alma) for building anonymously. Being a proprietor, technical support guru for my builds, and group head tended to fill up my inbox with lots of stuff. (Invites, notecards, questions, commissions, etc). Having an anonymous guy let me focus on building in peace. Over the years this last avatar became my main persona. He suits me. But I still use the other two from time to time. Keeping all three in mesh heads and bodies and clothes is sometimes a strain on my wallet, but such is SL. It’s nice to have options..
  21. I drew this about a year and a half ago as an ad for Frolic Open Mic. It has since faded into SL history (sadness). Which leaves me with the question, what makes a good karaoke hangout, and where are the best karaoke establishments in SL?
  22. I’ve been using Photoshop since version 1.0. Like most people there are parts of it I love and parts I hate. I pay my monthly ransom for the full Adobe suite, but I’m not above using other tools. One of PS biggest faults is it’s bloat, and though I will be the first to say that with skills you can do anything in the program, sometimes I feel like i’m steering the Queen Mary when all I need is sail boat. To that end I will often use affinity on both my iPad and desktop. Gimp is also a good tool. It’s got it’s own fair share of bloat, but you can’t beat the power for the price ratio.
  23. I return her smile with an awkward wink, and raise my lager. “My, that’s a mischievous grin.” I mutter discreetly to the steaming bowl of mutton stew sitting before me. The smell of alcohol, sweat-smeared travelers, and rancid tobacco laced the room like an atmospheric curse circling Satan’s outhouse. From across the room a man yells, “Two stagers of gold for a room? You would think your sheets are from m’lord’s cupboard instead of upholstering this gilded latrine! The inn owner reached under the counter in an apparent attempt to leverage axe-handle diplomacy. “You should invite her over, and buy the young lass a drink.” Replied my mutton stew without a hint of decorum. “Yeah right. Might you be eager for two spoons swamping your trough?” I said. “Don’t be vulgar.” it said. The bowl actually made some sense. So I motioned the girl over. The sheets might be sailcloth, I thought, but in an itinerant auberge such as this, a stranger’s tangled embrace is always better than the enmity of a fairy-cursed bed warmer.
  24. Dude!. After reading this, all I gotta say is, I wanna date you!
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