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  1. I build and occasionally sell stuff. When I have a good month, or if I’ve been consumed with RL work and haven’t logged into SL for a few weeks, I often have plenty of collected linden love to fertilize the economy. But all things being equal, there are weeks sometimes when I’m low on scratch. I often tip generously, but there are times when I don’t tip at all. I can’t speak for all club owners, and I’ve never run a club myself, but my experience doing work with/for a LOT of diverse clubs owners says “please come, regardless of your ability to tip.” I know that in the past simply adding a club to your picks, or upvoting (do people still upvote places?), or inviting friends contributes to a clubs overall health. A simple “thank you” and a smile is a payment we can all use more often.
  2. My non-negotiable list: When you see me, ask for a hug. I'll never get over the virtual feeling of hugging. It warms my cheeks and heart in the real world. Send me all the invitations, TPs, or unasked for conversations you would like. I am perfectly at peace with saying no as well as saying yes, It doesn't threaten me and It shouldn't threaten you, and truthfully, sometimes I just need the kind of distraction that a blind TP offers. If I want to be alone I have three avatars, one of which is a hermit with no friends or groups. So if you see me in-world it's on purpose--please jump in my Lap and say "howdy stranger!" I love dancing in SL. Dance with me! Its not an engagement ring, it's an opportunity to listen to music and connect. The actual animated dancing is tertiary in importance and mostly camouflage for profile surfing, witty banter, and online shopping. Besides, most of the time my cam is focused on the ceiling because...FPS yo! I don't apologize for talking to people I don't know. It sometimes feels like SL is the worlds biggest introvert party where most everybody is afraid to say a word to anybody. Which is also why I always tip a good hostess. A good hostess will not only welcome people to an event they will engage and draw people outside their bastions of comfort. Speaking of tipping; tip generously. Tip the hostess, tip the DJs, tip the venue. Every linden does make a difference. Be friendly peoples, good neighbors, and exceptional finger linguists. We are all RL refugees hiding from tyrannical rule imposing nut jobs in a virtual world that soothes the soul and enlivens the spirit. Revel in this.
  3. If not, it’s close to the same idea. Although the chutney I’m familiar with is South African Indian, chutney in India is very broad and varied and if it contains fruit, sweet, savory, spicy in a vinegar compote it’s called chutney. I once had a peanut chutney that was thrilling, a new and unexpected flavor experience.
  4. ProNutro is served with milk and is creamy. It has the odd characteristic of absorbing the milk over short periods of time, so that you eat it fast or continuously add milk to it until it is gone. The flavor is somewhat unique—neutral but pleasant, and it is packed with vitamins and if eaten in the morning wil carry you through till later afternoon. chuntney is the ubiquitous condiment in South Africa—like ketchup but with a kick. Mrs balls is made from fruit like a preserve. It is sweet,- but it also has a mild spicy kick. The flavors are sewn together with a vinegar base that explodes in your mouth:sweet sour, savory, spicy. I’m not sure what fruit in in mrs balls chutney. Certainly sultans, maybe appricots? Mango chutney is pretty common in South Africa, so maybe that’s what’s in there? It’s the type of condiment (like ketchup) that accents already great dishes, or you can put on food you are not fond of and bury the flavor under a chutney mask.
  5. Feeling nostalgic, I started off my day with a bowl of ProNutro and tonight I’m making chicken biryani with a healthy dollop of Mrs. Balls on top. And yes, I will eat it with my hand. 🙂
  6. This post is recently bumped from its original posting in Aug 2017, and yet I will answer regardless. I feel for this (OP) guy. He seems sincere and while he did step into his own sh*t by starting out with not wanting to judge and then immediately judging, followed by a narrow internally-defined discriminator “decency” with a broad culturally interpretative meaning, I still think it is an interesting question. Are there places in SL for people who primarily dress covering neck to knee, who are interested in platonic friendships only, and enjoy congregating with like minded people? I think I remember a few G-rated sims with religious underpinnings, that had their own dance clubs and discussion groups (like for porn addiction). I’m not sure if they still exist, but I will check and edit this post with what I find. In the past, back when I actually referred RL friends to experience SL, (why I don’t anymore is a different discussion, for a different thread.) I described it like living in Vegas. In Vegas there are some very conservative areas with people who have nothing to do with the strip, living their own enchanted version of life on the surface of the sun. I would continue by saying that Vegas has another side that can contain bacchanal revelry that would make a debauched demon blush. SL is like this. It becomes what/where you point your teleport compass to be.
  7. For the life of me I can't picture what 60s-80s dirty talk would be? On the other side of the coin I know more than a few grandmothers who DJ current music playlists (and voice) without a single indication of their age. I also know of some couples who have vastly different age gaps who embrace SL for the equity it dispenses to all: infinite youth, slider diet control, and an opportunity to live a life unencumbered by RL intrusions. So, besides the blatant ageism and stereotypical labels I don't see how searching for a specific age is somehow more preferable to the (ubiquitous) never-ending search for a certain compatibility type. All that being said, Live and look for whatever makes you happy. I've forgotten what I was trying to say, and its time for my 6th pee-break since waking up, and my pain pills are wearing off.
  8. I’m not sure, but the last time I looked I think K.R. Engineering has a poker table? Karsten has been around for years and his games are the best. (Spoken as a unrepentant greedy greedy player.)
  9. Ah… well, by circulating water from outside, through my water columns inside, I create a positive pressure envelope that effectively keeps me warm and dry. as a side note… if you are “flying/floating” underwater in my home and your AO includes a swimmer, you will breaststroke from chair to chair. SL is all about embracing compromises 🙂
  10. Thank you very much. My last home was a fallout bunker buried beneath a grove of pine trees. I guess I have a thing for secret hiding places. Building has always been a great way for me to self medicate. Very zen-like. I still love to cobble prims togethers. My inventory object folder is full of “object” builds that go nowhere. Lol. BTW, happy Rez-day! They should give us awards at 15 years.
  11. They can be, and expensive too. I found one that had an astronomical price on it, and made a fair counteroffer. We negotiated a bit and then it was mine. I love how dark it gets at these depths. Also, like a sky box there are rarely neighbors sucking up FPS.
  12. Though I am the last person to judge (or even comprehend) what is normal or not normal, I do think that SL often strips away a layer of RL pretense exposing deeper psychological needs. Is it the anonymity? Is it the softened consequences of jumping off virtual (metaphorical) bridges? Why do you think that is, why are they normalized?
  13. IKR? When I first joined, I spent three months as a furry. Furries were one of the first “communities” in SL. I was a rabbit with an avatar completely made of tortured prims. My furryness didn’t stick, but I treasure those times. They are a great group of people. I’ve never met an angry or intolerant furry. Before SL, my only connection to the furry world was in Stanley Kubricks the shining.
  14. Thank you and I agree. I also didn’t want anything hard science fiction like, nor did I want a mermaid lagoon, nor a sunken relic. I wanted something organic that looked like it belonged on the ocean bottom, integrated with it instead of built on top of it and I wanted warm cozy comfort. I’ve built plenty of things that missed the mark, but it was nice how this came together almost effortlessly. I’ll be happy to call this home for a few years.
  15. About a month ago on another thread I reminisced about owning a deep water grotto that I once lived in. After thinking about it, I decided it was time for a change and and purchased a deep water location for my new home. After sharing the process of how I built it, It was suggested that I post it in the community forums. It's really nothing spectacular, but for better or worse here it is. Step one: I thumbnail sketched on my iPad what I roughly wanted to accomplish. Step 2: I purchased a deep water mainland plot and prim sketched it to fit. I then saved it and imported it into Blender as a .dae file. Step 3: Part of my Idea was to create a dome with a quasi-organic feel to the lattice work. I created this in Adobe Illustrator, saved as a .SVG file, imported it into Blender and used the vector as a projected knife cut onto my dome. Step 4: I created a "duck blind" based on my SL 3D sketch that would match my parcel location and texture. Step 5: Underneath the "duck blind" I integrated the grotto and dome as well as a few architectural accents. Step 6: I textured the dome and lit inside of the grotto. Step 7: Furnished and finished. I was lucky enough to have 90% of my furniture in inventory so furnishing it went quickly. I went with a eclectic Art Studio feel, that had a few conversation areas and places to hang up selections of my RL illustration portfolio as well as a few paintings that I really like. I love my new home! Feel free to ask questions or visit in World. (Located in my picks in Profile.) It will never be really finished. I will constantly be diddling with new things. But it feels great to be secluded under the sea!
  16. One of my first friends in SL was a scantily clad stripper from Ireland who in RL was a grandmother, and spun and died her own wool. Another dear friend of mine was a college student from the Netherlands with debilitating agoraphobia and a foot fetish. These and hundreds of others of interactions with real people behind fanciful avatars have taught me that the world is much smaller with far more diversity and similarity than can be imagined. Here are a few lessons that added clarity to my life. With respect to Alan Jackson’s light-hearted anthem of libation libertinism … It truly is always “5:00 somewhere.” There are a host of people in the world who are fluently bilingual, but most of them don’t live in North America. Humans have more dreams and aspirations in common with one another than politics would have us believe. Fart jokes are universally funny. What have you discovered about the diverse RL world through the common SL virtual reality?
  17. QFT. I know that there is a subsection of SLBDSM that really like the collars and leashes, but from my virtual beginning I have found that any compulsion from me that can be executed while my sub goes goes afk lacks the very kind of TPE resonance I’m (we’re) going for. There is a delightful, simple, dopamine surge that comes from an ask, well obeyed without any script middleman (person). and for the OP… as it has been said above… take a breath and exercise some patience. If I were training you (I’m not fishing here, I’m on an indefinite sabbatical) I would require a dedication fast (you can watch but not play) to let your lessons catch up with your libido.
  18. I started SL in 2005 after being requested by my college division chair to see if there were any pedagogical applications to this “virtual world brouhaha.” In 2006 I started introducing SL to students to teach basic concepts of texturing, tiling, alpha channels, primitives, and an introduction to entry level 3D modeling. Over the course of the next 3-4 years I guided about a hundred and fifty students through this curriculum on a private education island that we shared with a couple other universities. About 2009-ish the college pulled it’s support after media reporting started to focus on the dark side of SL interactions. Most of my students worked through the curriculum sections and enjoyed it. We had created about 15 avatars that we temporarily assigned to students in order to fast track in-world acclimatization. We, of course, strictly kept the students to our island safe place and sandboxes. Round about 2016, after a succession of surgeries killed my full-time teaching gig, I was in-world (in a different avatar) surfing profiles in a BDSM club event. A latex clad DJ with a gag-ball in her mouth was streaming music and her profile mentioned she was from the PNW (pacific north west USA). We started chatting. I told her I was also in the PNW and through the course of the conversation we discovered that she was introduced to SL in college… and yep, you guessed it… she was one of my students. It was awkward at first. We were both kind of “outed” at the same time in full BDSM revelry, but we got over it and had a great laugh. We still bump into each other from time to time, but generally we don’t hang out together. The student/teacher dynamic combined with the D/s imperative kind of makes thing weird. I know that it doesn’t make sense, we are both adults, but some lines just shouldn’t be crossed—even in SL, LOL
  19. /me sheepishly try’s NOT to locker-room stare at the ridiculously well hung FPS that dangles between his legs while whispering to myself, “size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it that counts.”
  20. Wow. Ok… just some advice. In my experience you can’t shop for a sub like you shop for a used car. In my relationships the D/s dance begins on a foundation of basic vanilla compatibility. There is always give and take, like and dislikes, will and won’ts from both sides. I guess I’m part of an old school philosophy that believes that D/s are gifts willingly shared with each other that eventually elevate the pairing into something more than the initial individual offerings. I take the time to write this not for the OP but for those reading this request and thinking that this is how it’s done. The best subs (imho) are those who know themselves, know what they want, while having the the self-respect and confidence to stand up for these tenants because their road to submissive fulfillment is paved with joy not self loathing. As I said, just my opinion. You follow whatever path makes you whole. I’m not a D/s guru. But posts like this make me cringe an worry.
  21. It totally depends on how I’m feeling that day. Pain makes me very quiet. I’m generally to focused for casual conversations. My pain pills make me chatty utilizing few (if any) social filters. When I’m working (illustrating children’s books) I’m also pretty focused. At the end of a project, I’m ready to celebrate, and will become more open to meeting new people. When my depression weighs me down, I want to sit in the dark and indulge my demons in SL. Otherwise I like to come into SL to build and be creative. My SL friends (from around the world) seem to accept this about me and are pretty flexible with my cyclical nature. My experience in SL tells me that if I come in world and talk to nobody, then nobody tends to take the first step and talk to me. So, by default I try to finish projects, take my meds, profile surf and practice being witty. This seems to work regardless of the rl geographical peaks usage times.
  22. Thank you both. I cleaned (simplified) my node tree using the bdsm shader (that was a joke) as the anchor before going to material output. I also switched to diffuse which allowed me to play around with color, indirect and direct, lighting outputs (I added a light). Learning nodes is like learning a whole new program inside another program. There is a certain hierarchical logic to it that eludes me, but is slowly becoming clearer. YouTube help in this area is sometimes more dangerous than helpful. Thanks again. This community rocks!
  23. I've been doing my best to learn how to use procedural textures in Blender (nodes). Once again I know just enough to get me into trouble. In this screen shot you can see the build I am working on, as well as the node tree that includes my AO as well as my base texture. It seems to be working on the screen, but when I try to bake the result so I can upload the AO part is not rendering. I am using cycles and have the baking set as combined but still no go. I'm obviously missing something in my gap-filled vertical knowledge silos. Maybe I don't need to bake at all? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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