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  1. In all honesty @Clarapatra Windows Defender is probably all you really need - many firewall/AV companies sell you snake oil and rely upon the paranoia from the days before Microsoft took internet security seriously for the home user. You may find that you are paying for something that you already have as part of the operating system and do not need all the additional bells and whistles that the AV suites need (with the system overheads too).
  2. I would have to say a hard "No" to the idea of polls - for many reasons.... Some other forums have become a graveyard of polls created by people wanting to push their agenda on how they want the game to go. Polls can and indeed are used to abuse others. A poll provides far less meaningful debate than an actual debate does. Those really wanting to use a poll already can - they just need to link to it.
  3. Perceptions of teen looks is not helped by popular so-called teen shows using actors in their mid to late 20's to portray teens also.
  4. All of the mobile device clients offer more of an "SL Lite" experience due to the nature of the beast that SL is. As long as you are happy with what is essentially a text based client (as the 3D options are very limited) then you can run SL on an iPad.
  5. Your best bet would be to join the in world support groups for the products including the appliers/skins and asking in them.
  6. I'm a vampire hybrid and I dont use any HUD - I just use something called roleplaying, imagination, emotes and props. That's all you really need - huds and stuff are not roleplay.
  7. Maybe it suddenly froze, lagged etc because you opened a group to view notices and suffered from the LL "feature" of notices not being dropped after 14 days - if you open particularly active groups it will have to load every notice sent for about a month and that will freeze the client for several seconds.
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