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  1. I have no goal of offending others, I am looking for adequate help and answers to my questions, on what grounds my wife was banned! And good luck to you!
  2. Are you just playing second life? How did you decide that slot machines are prohibited in this game? If so, why do they still exist and why are they banned?
  3. "Very Happy New Year" On the eve of this fabulous holiday, my girlfriend was banned, on Friday 12/25/2020 without explanation, no letters are sent to the mail, those support does not respond to requests, a superficial response in the style of a violation of the user agreement is not relevant, my girlfriend plays this game for 3 years, 2 years paid for a premium account, her avatar attends fairs, her land and casinos, 12/24/2020 won a jackpot of 10,500 linden in Sun Valley Casino games, after which, by a strange coincidence, she was banned without notifications by mail and upon entering the game, 3 bank cards were also linked to the account ... How do you evaluate the work of the Lenden Lab promotion? And can this be regarded as a fraud, because the reasons for the ban are still not known!
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