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  1. YAY! It is back open again. Must have been maintenance.
  2. I tried to get into my favorite sim: Da Vinci Gardens. It would not allow me to TP. Anyone know what is going on? Is it still open?
  3. Thank you, these are questions, I would not have thought to pst. I have a classic avatar. It is not mesh just a skin on a shpe. The outfits I bought had an option for classic avatars and it worked great until I added the jacket. The alpha mask stopped at the T-shirt arm length. When the jacket was added my arms show though the sleeves of the jacket. I bought 4 outfits and all four had the same alpha mask. There was not demo available. I have contacted them via notecard as they request and no response in three weeks after three attempts. I figure they have something going on because others are having the same issue. I tend to live in a suit in RL so I feel comfortable doing that in SL, So suits, or business professional outfits is what I am looking for. I am sorry, I do not know what BOM- enabled means. Thanks for your help.
  4. May I suggest Fontinella or Asiago Cheese with some cracked olives and toast points. That is what I equate with lifestyle.
  5. I put this in the avatar forum and I hope this is the correct place to ask. Where are places to find good men's clothes? I found Hoorenbeek but I bought some outfits and the alpha mask is wrong and no one from the store will respond to my problem; so I have written them off. What other places offer good quality men's clothes? Please help, and thanks Harp
  6. Thank you all so much for the replies;and so quick. I appreciate the information and I will check these out. Thanks again Harp
  7. Hi everyone, Im new and need help. I cannot seem to find mens hair. I found a place called Redgrave that had 1 hair style. It looks good but it is not really what I wanted. Can anyone give the names of some places to look for guy hair, please Thanks, Harp
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