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  1. I've just had a second close encounter of the Bot type in the last couple of days. Both on my own parcels, and 'very' close to where I was sitting. They used to keep their distance, so to speak, but not anymore. I don't want to put ban lines up, but the blocked Bot list is getting ridiculously long! I like visitors on my parcels, ones who will respond to my greeting them, and have a chat, but Bots landing as close as they are now is getting bleeping annoying! BTW why are they necessary for Linden Home regions? Before I gave up on LH I had quite a few 'visits'! Oh, and I pay for my SL
  2. I think this should be an option 😉 Yarn bombing Linden trees! BTW I relogged after taking this snapshot, and yes, they are all normal now...sigh.
  3. Is that one of many obelisks in the background? I've had to derender a few, and they seem to be multiplying ☚ī¸
  4. I got the house right next to it, twice, so did the same as you 😕
  5. TlIIy

    WTH is .....

    The parcel, on Plebeja, had the warning about being "...abandoned in March" long before March 2020. We had been there after then and it was still open. Sad that both sites are closed 😞
  6. The third image, Geppetto, is currently Time and Space, Ankh Morpork twinned with Pijame. It's still there, and still in use, but is invisible on the main map now, until you fly up to 300. It'll be interesting to see what happens to it.
  7. Got a second chance at the double campers... Shenandoah and Sun Valley for now 😁 and spread 175 between them.
  8. I had one like that earlier, and saw someone else did too. Tried the reset, didn't work 😕
  9. Has her Slenderbear, but hid all her tigers and stuffs so neener neener
  10. After getting the Morning Dear set, I went back and bought the StudioLoungeBath set, $L 333 I think. You can use the pieces individually, but it looks the best bathroom set I have seen. It has a bidet (not for washing socks haha). 😊
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