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  1. I agree with you. In SL it is difficult to determine the age of an avatar, but those who are under the age of 21, in principle, are not interesting for me to play. Although it was said right here, we never know who will be behind our partner's avatar. To protect myself as much as possible from such a nuisance, I came to this conclusion. First, you need to look at the age of the avatar. If he is 5 years old, the player is most likely an adult. If 10 or more, this is almost guaranteed. Well, just in case, you need to ask the age when starting communication. This is if someone cares about the leg
  2. The only thing that comes to my mind is to only deal with avatars over 18 years old. But this will severely limit the list of those with whom you can play. Well, here's another thought that came to my mind. I don't remember the whole text of the agreement that we sign when we start playing SL. Perhaps there is a clause according to which a person who lied about being an adult assumes responsibility for all legal consequences that may arise as a result of his lie. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  3. Probably my English is too bad for me to clearly explain my idea. I agree that people under the age of 18 should not participate in adult role play. Yes, they have nothing to do in the adult areas at all. But nothing prevents a real person who is under 18 from specifying any age they want. If he says that he is over 18 years old at registration, he will be able to visit the adult areas, and play adult role-playing games. And in this case, everyone who will play with him will violate the laws of the real world, without knowing about it. Or am I wrong?
  4. No, I mean that a person who is less than 18 years old in real life may not say about his real age. Or lie. In this case, anyone who will have virtual sex with him is breaking the law.
  5. Thank you for the clarification. I do not want to violate anyone's privacy. However, I think every country has a law that protects minors from sexual seduce. It turns out that if someone adds a few years to themselves when registering and includes adult content for themselves, everyone who plays an adult RP with him will be a lawbreaker?
  6. Hello. This is the question I'm interested in. Is it possible to verify that the sim we meet in the RPG area is actually an adult? Without video and audio communications.
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