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  1. 2 hours ago, AidySL said:

    Ok, I got really worried for a moment. So... 2 days.... 71%.... guess you put it omn the charger? 

    hah, just kiding, don't see many people post pics via their phone. 

    Also, did you wake up on time with the alarm set? 


    haha , i had the pic already on phone , i was just bored today so decided to post it here its not that good as i am not very good in photography its just a casual pic

    and yes the alarm woke me up :D

  2. hi everyone, if you are feeling lonely and wanna meet some new people or just want to drop by for drink you can visit cheers bar , we have dj on friday nights and we are gonna bring a lot of cool activities and fun events very soon , i  do my shift from 4-6 pm slt  mon to wed , you guys can come and have chat with me and enjoy the drinks , i hope you will enjoy your stay

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deja Vu Amores/175/124/2501


    On 4/29/2021 at 8:07 PM, Diablo Guffey said:

    Hey everyone, I'm currently looking to kickstart various RP groups. One of them being a Royal Family RP. My partner and I are looking for some Royal Guards, Butlers and Maids. If anyone is interested in joining please IM me in world:


    Diablo Guffey

    If theres a role for princess or prime minister or governor  then i will be interested

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  4. On 4/19/2021 at 6:32 PM, JordonBanks said:

    I am quite new to SL, and I LOVE IT.

    But one thing i am starting to notice more and more, is that no one seems to smile, and almost all of the beautiful, creative and fantastic avatars, have very sullen/serious expressions.  Is there a reason for that?  

    I did try to experiment with my own head HUD (Lelutka) and did notice that if I did put a permanent smile on my face, it looked more creepy than happy.  So turned it off.  Wonder if this is the same for everyone else, and that it's just hard to capture that normal smiling face in the current virtual technologies used for this sort of thing?

    It used to be eyes didn't it with video games  (YES, i know SL is not a game, but you know what i mean) and they could never get the eyes right.  (or am I getting that confused with The Stepford Wives?)

    Anyway - would love to be able to have,¬†and see more smiling avatars - how about you ?¬†ūüėÄ

    I noticed that too and tried to give my avi smiling face but it creeped me out so i turned it of and never used it again.

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  5. Hello everyone , i hope you all are having a nice day. I am into medieval and urban rp but i didnt find a one that i like  most urban rp that i joined people didnt talk and some if did ,they only talk among themselves and those sims were also very laggy . Can anyone suggest me a sim where people are active and is also less laggy.


  6. Hi  i hope you are doing well :) . I am looking for some friends with whom i can go for shopping have some chat , explore and have fun . If you also enjoy these things then hit me up .

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  7. Hi   i also love exploring and going on adventures , although i am from uk so our time zones differ but i am on most of the day. 


  8. Hi , i am looking for family rp. I want someone to be my parents in SL , i will be your daughter . We will have family time together like having a dinner and go for watching movies , camping , go to beach . I am new to this family rp so dont know much about it but i really wanna try it as currently i dont have family in sl i do have friends but they are not available all the time i want a family whose always there for me and help me in difficult times . 

    I am sure we will enjoy together 


  9. Hi , i am new to 2nd life and most of the time i wander alone as i dont have friends. I have tried many times to make friends but could not keep the conversation going as i am an introvert . I would really like to have some good friends who could teach me around and also have some fun together.


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