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  1. I might give you a run for your Lindens, Innamori
  2. Hey Kelsey, I'm not interested but have let a friend in world know. Hopefully they get back to you but haven't seen them on in a few days.
  3. Someone was mentioning the same thing on the Maitreya Petite Friends group as well. Am checking, thanks! Also checking out Emfer Sombre and demoing lots there, since I have several heads, and will also grab Lel Ceylon and Ryn demos.
  4. I think it's a Ceylon modified too at this point, and since I can't find the shape anywhere, probably edited individually to the max. I did try the demo mesh heads from one store (tsg) but can not achieve anything close to that shape. Too "chunky" looking and not refined enough. That second one from the bottom with the kitten ears is to die for cute!
  5. I have one message back from Karla in world (yay!!!) and am getting some details. Thank you everyone :)
  6. I've been to two amazing clothing stores now that feature avatars in their ads/posters that have a very distinctive looks, and wondering how they are achieving such great looks (beyond some retouching). Are they using a standard head like Lel Evo X or Genus Baby and then buying a custom shape, or modding it themselves? Is there a vendor that sells these looks for heads? If if the later, can anyone point me to tutorials that will help me achieve this look? If not that, who *are* these SLers and please get in touch if you are one of them!!! These pics are all from a store called pr!tty, btw ... easy to find on the MP. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated by this mid 30s gal seeking this look!!! I don't even know what to call this look except really cute!!!
  7. OMG I read this as wanting to RP the weird NXIVM stuff. So blonde! Just ewww.
  8. So, I wondered if there is a quick way to make a HUDs favorite like the way you can favorite and display Landmarks within your window interface. Reason I ask is that simply hiding the HUDs on screen (ALT-SHIFT-H in Firestorm) does nothing to lower the script count, but detaching them does; in my case, I lowered my scripts from 114 to under 40 simply by turning off the HUDs I tend to use a lot but not all the time. The problem is that I can't turn them all off ... unless I make custom AO set, since my AO need the HUD showing to work, as does my MOVE! dance HUD. If I had a set of HUD buttons then at least I could turn off what I am not actively using. without having to dig into my inventory folder to re-attach them. Thanks. I hope I explained that right
  9. YAY!!!!! Thankies!!! ♥ And OMG that store is amazing!!!!!!! (PS. It is that style and then there are bangs in the FatPack for the extra wisps.)
  10. Anyone have an idea of the brand of this hair style?
  11. thanks everyone! getting this mystery solved slowly. apologies for the follow up thread .. what hair is this?
  12. No idea what Tonic Mini is. Can't find it anywhere. Wish DD's owner was online
  13. Second Life Marketplace - Dolly Daydream by Kumiko Aima Anyone know what bodies are being shown in the ads for DD's stuff? I have a message out to the creator but she's often AFK Especially the body head shown in these two ads? Or are they just Maitreya made slender and not too tall?
  14. A daddy just left and made sure to tuck me into bed before he left
  15. Love love love Rebel Pill, but what are a handful of other top notch stores with clothing like this? Thanks!
  16. And ... OnlyFans pulls a complete U-turn this morning according to The Guardian .. they have an agreement with their payment processors to keep allowing sexually explicit material. "“Thank you to everyone for making your voices heard. We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned October 1 policy change. OnlyFans stands for inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators.” I knew $400 million profit per year had some pull. OnlyFans scraps plans to ban sexually explicit material | Technology | The Guardian Yes, 3dxchat, btw.
  17. *giggling* makes note to to say to Bili and Sukubia next time she's online
  18. I'm not saying it's happening here. Where'd I say that? What I'm saying is that it is possible, this kind of environment, in a direct reply to Quintess' early post. Or did you not read, sweetie?
  19. OMG that is so ... embarrassing. Is that what their vision is? Yeah, no, I have Slack and MS teams for that kind of RL meeting drugery.
  20. Avatars like this (with fairly good customization and clothing) ... in spaces with 150+ people and no lag ... in large editable and customizable landscapes ... that are 5-10x bigger than a sim (and far more easily landscaped than SLs tools) ... in an environment that looks this good. And sex without poseballs, too The technology is there. This is the work of a only handful of devs, imagine what a team of 40 could accomplish?
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