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  1. A unique, breathtaking group of women to freelance as Blue Sin Beauties in this new, intimate, club space. A number of things set Blue Sin apart from the other clubs I've worked in and managed over my various years in Second Life. Blue Sin is a small, intimate, modern, uncluttered space that features only four performers at a time. It has a semi-private lounge for private lap dances, showers, or massages, and a sexier private back room for patrons who desire a more intimate experience and who tip well enough for that level of intense pleasure (both of which are locked atm to Blue Sin gro
  2. And BOM is the best way to go for pubic hair, in my opinion. I have yet to find a non-BOM product that I can edit and position correctly so that some portion of it isn't peeking through panties, my bikinis, tight fitting pants, etc.
  3. I have just noticed that when I create a group, you can not set it to an Adult rating, despite the instructions on knowledge base page (Creating a Group > Process > Step 8). In addition, I checked some of the really, umm, sexually edgy groups I am in that certainly deserve Adult ratings, and noticed they are all set to Moderate as well. Is setting a group to Adult not possible? Thanks
  4. Just to get back to Unreal, don't forget their astonishing MetaHuman project that will be released in tandem with the final UE5. MetaHuman Creator - Unreal Engine That's what I want SL's character creation engine to look like. The purveyors of bodies and heads can go away, simply giving way to shops that sell custom shapes. But I also want a unicorn as well, so there
  5. She has posted herself (of course) now.
  6. This. I'm a nude dancer and escort and do very very well with a standard Maitreya body, without spending extra L on upgrading my lady bits. Most guys are not at all paying attention to (or even able to see) the quality of the specific female genitalia when I'm wrapped all around them and texting some of the lovliest, sensual words in a chat. Trust me, the look of your privates is the last thing they are, or should be, focused on.
  7. Name changes upsets people? I can't begin to count the number of times I have changed my name (will call VISA to check for exactly $39.95 charges by Tillia).
  8. Was coming here to say the same thing. The only issue with this is that you have to try a LOT to find the right sets. MOVE has several that range from very slow and sensual to upbeat. You will find what you need, just demo.
  9. Lots of those types of floating island platforms available in the Marketplace. "floating island" was the search term I used. The one's in those pics look something like the ones sold a a place called The Domineaux Effect.
  10. New CatwaHDPro Majer Strong head, and a photo shoot for my new club profile pictures (thank you so much to the amazing photographer, btw) ...
  11. We escorts debate this all the time. Oh, you meant land size.
  12. At least it's the one day olds begging for literal pocket change. There's one guy repeatedly hitting clubs, dancer, escorts, and anyone on the edgy sex-type group lists for RP and he promises to pay you 40K. No surprise, he doesn't. He's on so many club ban lists now he's actually becoming well known, as in (in)famous. Sad thing? Some people fall for it.
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