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  1. I've now received two private emails from other girls slamming me for either saying this out loud, or claiming it's BS. To the one slamming me, I just want people to understand the truth behind the business, there's no reason to hide these facts. To the one who claimed I'm BSing, you are less than 6 months old here ... I have more than 10 years off and on, so I do know what I'm talking about. For example, here's the stats from my last two-and-a-half hours worked at one of these very popular places, one morning hour and one evening (SLT+3) ... Morning shift: 90 minutes, average 24 girls and one guy dancing/escorting. Total male customers appeared? 2 Evening shift: 60 minutes, between 22 and 30 girls (they were popping in and out like crazy). Total male customers? 3 I'm not making this the bad/slow parts of this life up, sadly. There are very few places where the number of customers looking to be entertained is anywhere near the number of available dancers on a consistent basis. The good sex clubs like Breathe and Lusthouse usually get a good ratio of guys/girls, as do some of the specialty hook up places like Queen of Spades, but the strip and escort places often never do these days. Even if you are in a smaller strip/escort club with maybe 3-4 other girls? The times you'll see more than 2 guys in the club at the same time will be considered rare. All clubs may have moments of busy, but it's usually a slow grind. I have no worry spending that time not making any L, because my freelance escorting regulars and new clients who find me keep me fed. If I was relying on dancing/stripping for my sole source of income, I'd have quit this line of work long ago. PS. Voice or cam girls can make a decent living but there is a LOT of competition.
  2. Escorting for more than 10 years off an on. Lots. I enjoy it because I can really get my kinks on here, and can be more daring and playful with the guys (and girls) who hire me. I average 5+ customers per week.
  3. Love my Catwa HDPro Majer head. Love it. I grabbed a BOM face and body skin from TheSkinnery and could not be happier.
  4. I will third Body Language. Love them, especially the calmer ones. Not cheap, but worth it.
  5. I always make sure to check that music and sounds are set to my parcel only. Not everyone loves jazz 24/7. Easiest way is to visit adjacent properties and check the About Land info, where the music stream will be listed. Note them and test each one on your parcel (or a browser) to find out which stream it is. Then IM that parcel owner, as politely as possible. Or at the very least you could Blacklist that stream at that point so you can't hear it, though others visiting will still hear that stream.
  6. I am afraid to even ask how much. I visited. For those interested it is absolutely stunning, the pictures barely do it justice. Huge prim count, but way over my budget, especially when converting back to real US$. Wish I had that amount of RL money to spend on land. (Note, the price is very fair but anything over US$75 RL cash [20k Linden range] is nothing I could ever justify in a game. When I see six and seven figures I can only shake my head. I know others can afford this though.) Someone is going to love this gem.
  7. ZADIG has some skyboxes that look great under 10 LI.
  8. I don't own one myself (in my line of work I have handled a lot of them, though ) so asked my business partner ... here are his stats on a naked Signature body in FS ... Not wearing, no Aeros HUD > 18,464 Wearing, genitals visible, HUD shown > 45,814 Wearing, genitals hidden (via HUD), HUD shown > 48,644 It looks like hiding them while wearing them so they don't peek through pants, is ore expensive than showing them. Overall, quite the complexity addition. A very nice piece of equipment, in my mind, the nicest of male gear going. Hope that helped.
  9. Converted my beachfront home into an open-for-all casual 24/7 jazz club and dance patio. Little details are all over the place (thanks Apple Fall, Fancy Decor, Fourth Wall, hive, GCD for the sound equipment, and others!!). Set up a little cottage beside it for living. Here it is just before the club owner added the dance ball on the patio ...
  10. Quite true. Strip and escort places, especially the ones with a brothel vibe and side biz, are less trafficked because guy (and girls) come into there only for the one thing, and it's usually not socializing beyond hooking up. Lots of good dance opportunities in more mainstream clubs, and there's less pressure, without the need to strip/escort.
  11. This is a tough one. I've been off and on more than a decade now and usually in that field, including managing. Currently freelance escorting, but that's for my own reasons. To answer some of your questions ... Yes, many clubs will require you to rent an ad board at their location for a very nominal fee. This fee is usually less than a single decent tip, so you're never out any money. It's still a weird practice to me though, shouldn't the club be buying/featuring me an ad board to advertise that I am working there? Often times there are applications and interviews to go through. They want to see how you behave, emote, your personality, what your avatar looks like (clothed and naked), etc. Some of them have been harder than some of my RL interviews, which again seems unnecessary. Check me out, see how I do, if I don't work out, fire me. To require formal interviews and two hours of chatting is silly; it's easy to tell if a girl is any good in 30 minutes on stage just watching her emote and behave. And yes, application fees are not unknown. I've paid them, and also refused to pay them. In the end, they feel scammy. Here's my 11 years of dancing/escorting experience, hire me or not. Like ad boards, just another way for the club owner to make cash to run their place. Required hours. Most good clubs will require some commitment. Usually like 4-6 hours per week. And for the love of anything, don't go AFK when you are performing. But don't kid yourself, those 4-6 hours will feel like work when the customers are thin in the chairs. Tips. Most good clubs will take some small percentage of your tips. If it's more than 20%, the club can go rot, imho. Freelance clubs. There are a number of large, popular, well-known freelance places where anyone can dance/entertain. The issue with these is that there are often 20-30 girls dancing, and a single guy or two as customers. I have never seen any place with as many customers as girls in these places, not even close. Even at the biggest two of these. If anyone tells you different, they're BSing you. Furthermore, most clubs and freelance places have rules about no IMing guys directly, to save the place becoming a feeding frenzy of desperate girls slamming a poor guy with 20 IMs all at once. You can only say hi in local chat until someone approaches you and IMs first. This does mean everyone has a fair shot, but also you're just one of 20+ semi-naked girls hoping for a nibble. Owners. As someone who has danced through managed, I've seen them all. Misogyny is rampant, sadly, among the male club owners. the assumption that you'll "put out" for the male staff is a common, sad theme, even in some of the better known places. I'm there to entertain customers and have fun, not fend off persistent advances from some horny club owner. Run from those places. They are pits of drama and an environment of girl-vs-girl for popularity. And while many of the female owners are chill, I've also been in places where the women owners can often be far more toxic and mean than the men can be. It's a hard business to run, and girls and clubs are a dime-a-dozen. You talk about clubs not being dead. Hmmm. I have news for you, even the popular ones? You can be on stage 90 minutes with another few girls and not see a single guy. Often. The other thing is a guy will pop in, say nothing, then leave 30 seconds later. this goes for big popular clubs and small ones. Fancy, well-run places, and dives. There are so many to choose from and this isn't 5-10 years ago when stripping was at it's peak. And while there are regular guys at every club, it gets expensive to visit frequently and have to tip all the time, without even the cost of escorting added in if the guy wants to take a girl home. The other girls. One thing that weirds me out in this line of work is the diverse range of avatars in any one club. I'm not talking ethnicity here, and I am certainly not curve shaming, but I've been in (good) clubs where the girls range from nearly pre-teen look through to tatted up nearly 7' tall biker chicks with HH cup breasts, little fairy wings, and a butt the size of a wide lazy boy chair. It takes all kinds, but you can not count on consistency of looks and if that's important to you, check the place and staff out before signing on. Ask the club owner about turnover of staff, traffic stats, how much the average girl earns in tips (and keep a spreadsheet of your hours, tips etc so you know if you're earning what you want), how long they have been in business, customer numbers and how much they spend on average, etc. If the owner won't share those with you, they are hiding something. And don't let the "that's a business thing" line of BS stand ... it's SL. Remember, if they are putting you through an interview, interview them right back. You get to ask hard pointed questions too, you know. Give me the info I need to commit and make a decision, or go away. Honestly, it's not anything you have to hide, unless you're not what you say you are. I've seen that one countless times. If you want to reach out to me in game I'll give you some recommendations of decent clubs, but many of them will have some degree of the above requirements. Hope this has helped somewhat. The second picture, btw. ps. Come and stop by my small freelance club sometime and chat. I'll tell you anything you want to know about this crazy business.
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