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  1. Dance and escort out of an amazing club. Shop like no-ones business! Hit some techno or EDM clubs and dance my little pale ass off. Always fiddling trying to find great clothing and discovering new places to rent or get a nice house set up in. I sometimes help friends decorate their places as a hobby, and want to get into maybe photography? As a model or maybe the photographer as well? So much to do.
  2. After a bit of searching I found the lovely Likz store ... gorgeous six strap vintage garters with seamed stockings. I have two questions ... Are there an other stores like that? And who do you recommend I find dresses/shoes of high quality (think COCO, Blueberry, Ricielli, Seniha etc) that have a lovely vintage look to wear over these lovlies? Thanks!
  3. Nice spot in Werewoof for sale. Sailing and boating access. 2048 with standard 703 prims. Take a look at 4,000L. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Werewoof/18/182/21
  4. This is a thing? Hmmm. {goes back to escorting and shopping sprees}
  5. The burden of evidence to falsify what we observe (that is, we are not in a simulation) is on the one suggesting a different reality. I don't need to provide evidence, for example, to assume some form of deity doesn't exist, a religious person needs to provide evidence to falsify what we observe (no deities). My main criticism though is this ... It strikes me that this idea that we are in a simulation is not very much different than a deep human need to believe in gods or an afterlife ... a comforting thought to those who can not accept that we, as living creatures, are simply blessed wit
  6. Grabbed it, thanks! but could you come back and delete that darn boat? I keep returning it and it keeps reappearing! Also, can you make the palms so i can move them around?
  7. This is what drove me off SL two years (?) ago. Someone stalking and harassing and taking it out of game into RL.They found my FB and Instagram accounts and somehow figured out who I was IRL, and I still have no idea how. He came at me relentlessly in SL with a few different avatars until I seem to have finally blocked him for good, and he got tired of trolling and trying to manipulate me. This is why I refuse voice now. No idea why people (kids/incel/asshats/basementbois) even bother doing that crap.
  8. Okay, that makes sense. It's not overwhelming and I did discover how to hide (and move) the HUDS anyway so all good. Thank you.
  9. Is there no one who makes a AO HUD that's empty, that you could simply drag all of your animations into, rather than having separate HUDs for a dance AO, normal AO (walking), sports (like my skating AO), etc? And if so is there a limit to the number of animations it could hold? Thoughts? A newb just not understanding?
  10. Discovered the amazing JOMO today and am enamored with their female lion avatar (though i prefer the cheetah shape better, the lion B fur texture colors just *rock*). I also have a TWI lion so am good for both animal and human animal shapes at this point (and a furry that will be superseded by JOMO). Getting back to JOMO ... My question is does anyone have (or can recommend) a female hair style that they think absolutely looks amazing on that lion? Thoughts? Thanks and purrs!
  11. Out on the back patio at sunset, overlooking Blake Sea from my townhouse marina home.
  12. This is me currently in human form. I have a furry avatar look as well, along with my true self ... a cheetah-skinned lion avatar from the amazing TWI folks. I am Bastet's daughter, after all!
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