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  1. I really love my Havana, small and simple, just perfect for me. More to come at Stilt Home Decorating - Show us your style - Linden Homes - Second Life Community soon
  2. A dear friend of mine had the same issue, a Mole fixed it within seconds Hope you'll get it soon, I will keep my fingers crossed.
  3. Wow it's simply amazing, thank you so much!
  4. Not that bad I would say 😁 Fort Mesa, no problems at all yet...
  5. What exactly does that mean, the "choose another theme"? That someone was just a tiny little click faster?
  6. I don't think they are lol, but people have been waiting for the stilts for months now...
  7. You are absolutely right, going to be more patient now 😀
  8. Also no chance for me at the next release...😟
  9. Well I am afraid that I have to say: bye stilts, see you next year...
  10. That was only a test, there will be more soon 😀
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