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  1. 13 hours ago, Qie Niangao said:

    Yeah, it's the same problem. We're all eager for the fix, which is supposedly making big progress but still isn't ready for deployment.

    Is there a way to tell which continent you're at? Like somewhere in About Land or The World Map that tells you the continent name for that region, similar to how you can see the region name for the land?

  2. 5 minutes ago, Qie Niangao said:

    It's a really old map, but has the layout of the major Mainland continents, except the entire Belliseria span between Sansara and Jeogeot, a whole lot of expanded "Blake Sea" island chain east of Nautilus, the Horizons extension north of Zindra, and probably a bunch of other stuff. So I'm not sure it's all that helpful, now that I think about it.

    Thanks very much, this is really helpful for someone who hasn't seen the world map when it was working. :)

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  3. Hi! Is the world map still not working? It loads slowly when I am zoomed all the way in but when i zoom out maybe 3 rolls of the mouse and not really zoom out fully, all the tiles disappear. Is this the same issue?

    Is there a way around this? 

    Also is there a place that shows the big picture (i don't expect it to be live, just to give me an idea)? Like the whole SL world map with continents explained, etc?

  4. Hi,

    I have been reading through the forums on Mainland, I have a small parcel in Brown and I like it, I am still learning the ins and outs of Mainland, the Colour regions seem to have some levels of rules which makes them nicer i suppose, are there any other community type residentials, nice themes, or neigbourhoods?

    I often get over-whelmed when i am exploring Mainland, i have looked around Blake Sea and Bay City, lots of very expensive parcels. I kind of liked the regions around Bay City but again expensive.

    Are there any other reasonable priced (or possibility of being able to land an abandoned land) regions that feel like a community with some sort of theme out there? I have read about snow-themed regions but I haven't seen one yet.

    I was hoping for some recommendations on nicer places for a Mainland Noob :)

  5. rezzing things within your prim limit allocated through land group, mostly because you're renting a place at the sim is possible, non-renters won't be able to rez, and some rp sims that are across multiple regions, on the main rp region only admin or approved players have the ability to rez.

    Use of particles and scripts is usually frowned upon because of lag, though could be acceptable for specific events or rp scenes, again usually with approval, so honestly it's not something all players can use freely and each sim is slightly different.

    That is a nice piece of work i would say though, and perhaps, a suggestion could be to think of sim builders who would be interested to use them as a permanent feature on particular areas of the sim or could be used on themed sims and Halloween events. i wouldn't only target rpers :)

  6. Hi Kanzul, a house is like another inventory item you purchase, you only pay that one time cost, but to use a house , i.e. rez it and live in it, you require to own or rent land, which will have a weekly cost for you depending on the size, location, and land available land impact, it could be as small of something like 200L per week to 5000L or more, for big parcels.

    When I first wanted to get land, this article was very helpful from the knowledgebase: 

    You probably could rent a small parcel on a private region. In world, search for places for rent, and also check some well-known real estate agents which usually have websites with a listing and a teleport link to their available lands.


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  7. Hey rpers and all,

    I have been a para rper for years and a lover of writing in general, but recently finding myself un-inspired and unable to connect to the general concept of rp that's going on in most long lasting rp places.

    So I thought to open up a conversation and see if anyone has experienced similar difficulties and if and how they overcame it.

    Also for a while I have been struggling about what to do with my private island, that I originally bought to create an rp place. I started building and I enjoyed it so much that i just kept building and changing and scrapping and building again.

    Now that I am starting to feel happier about how the place is turning out, I really like to open it up to other residents and share it with people, I have this vague idea of making it as a general hangout place but also with a little lore and backstory that encourages people to rp, it may spark some nice storylines that is inspiring but also laid-back and myself and others could enjoy that. Of course it sounds like a good idea to me, but I really like to hear your thoughts on this.

    Does anyone like the idea of a hangout place that they also can roleplay at, without being restricted to time and theme and a whole lot of rules or do you prefer to have a strict framework and definite and defined rules to get you going?

    P.S. My idea of the lore is that it is a place created and protected by magic, that you get there through accidental portals due to loopholes. So basically you could be from present, past or future in a place of 'no time and location' that doesn't really have a way out but it has a certain draw that makes you want to make it your home, because apart from the magic of the island, no other magic works there, which could be a blessing or a curse depending on who you are. And of course you may have ties to the world outside that makes you desperate for wanting to find a way out.

    P.S.S. As for a casual hangout, I am a fan of dancing and music in second life, too, so I like to throw some live music events from time to time and have a couple of spots that people can just listen to music, sit and chill or dance and may want to take a few pictures along the way.

    Also here are a few raw snapshots of the work in progress, to give you a better idea.

    raven raw shot_001.png

    raven raw shot2_001.png

    raven raw shot3_001.png

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  8. I am having various inventory issues as well, i am using Firestorm. Happens when trying to delete something, it just doesn't get deleted after it's rezzed, or when unpacking things, I get a pop up that says can't create the inventory. I also lost a few deliveries while shopping receiving same error. I was wondering why there isn't any post about this issue and if it was only me. 

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  9. 23 minutes ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    You spend your free time claiming and releasing Bellisseria Linden Homes -- max of 5 homes claimed per 24 hours per account.  Some folks will stay long enough to decorate, some release right away.

    You can have multiple homes if you have multiple Premium accounts.

    Is it possible to claim an abandoned  linden home inworld or does it have to be random through the webpage?

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  10. Wow GoH? I just had to look that up and all I could figure out, was that it stands for game of homes! I am beyond curious now 😂 How do you play this? What it actually is? And more importantly how can you have more than one linden home??? Sorry this is off topic but I just had to ask, it sounds like so much fun 😁

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  11. High quality home, fully furnished with an open structure that makes you feel instantly at ease.

    Located at one of original SL 'Colour' sims created 2002-2004 ~, famous for its marketplace & peaceful, suburban style neighbourhood.

    Ideal for couples or solo travelers, looking for a change of scenery or a new place to spend some time at. 

    Main Features:

    -Protected at two sides

    -Pool with animations


    -Animated fireplace

    -Quality posed furniture

    -Working TV (web browsing, youtube)

    -Quality ridable bicycle

    -Playable Dart Game

    -Security and customization panel for door lock, parcel security, ambient sounds, windows privacy, etc.

    ~185L/Day 50 prim available now.~

    For staying longer than one week, 550L/week, IM me InWorld for any questions.

    Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brown/224/100/24




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