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  1. Can't thank you enough skell you keep helping a lot of people in this place i really admire it and appreciate it i went with your steps and thankfully solved the issue so the BoM doesn't have any issues no matter what i click or add but appliers keep changing just for the future the hud you used is exactly the one i have but the thing i was clicking wasn't the skins at all i was clicking the gloss as you should in your pic and kept changing it so i won't be surprised if people buy the body and choose to go with appliers the gloss effect gonna be an issue so the solve was bakes on me
  2. I wanna thank you people for helping me the last time it meant a lot and i can't thank you all enough. so i had an issue before with the jake body so i ended up buying the legacy body after i checked the demos and made sure everything works and i got the matching skins and this is the last forum in case it needed even though i doubt it anyway my issue is simple this time yet it seems like nothing could solve it and i admit i'm new! https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/465532-body-and-head-wont-match-no-matter-what - THE ISSUE - So when i use appliers on the b
  3. Thank you so much for clearing the issue for me and i appreciate it you just saved me a lot of trouble i have been trying for almost two days and it got tiring. You did a great job explaining everything i wanna know and now i get why i have the issue and i have some points maybe not important anymore but i'll put it in here for people who reads and may have the same issue as me: - The avatar isn't even mine i'm logged in to a friends account who got into the game yesterday and decided to buy a mesh body and skin and we all went and picked it fast i didn't have time to research or ev
  4. I'm a bit new to Second Life but i learn fast! yesterday i bought a mesh body (-Belleza- Mesh Body Jake) and a mesh head (LeLUTKA Connor Head 2.5). from the start even before buying any skins the head would not match the body no matter what so i tried searching and made sure i hade the glow off or anything that might be causing the issue but no matter how much i try it's not gonna match so i went and tried so many demos for the head and body while making sure it matches the label of each and matching the skin tone but no matter what it always looks strange and you could see it across
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