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  1. Porn gets a bad name. Would she rather you get some from some girl in a bar or a hooker
  2. Depends on what I dropped. If it was cookies, crackers or chips. Sure, but not the butter side down on the carpet. Sure the hell not anyplace but home
  3. How many have a difficult time believing stories about real life?
  4. You needed to separate RL from SL. Shouldnt make a difference what is happening in SL. If she was with you in RL and then lying about it to you in RL then I could see having issues
  5. I have the free female Lelutka head and I got it to work with my slink hourglass. I really didnt do much and used the default shape too. Looks better than the free genus one. I am all about deals and free stuff. I did try alain on my male alt. It is small but it is free and nice looking especially if you have the gift of modification.
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