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  1. It was suggested to me that people watching this thread might be interested in this comment I posted elsewhere: Tl;dr: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-231165
  2. Alwin, anyone can go to a LL road parcel and check its traffic, no need to take your word (nor mine) for it. Please do not derail the thread. I'm sure you can create a new thread where like minded people can tell each other why Mainland roads is a bad idea.
  3. I'm well aware I replied to an old post — what’s your point? It was obviously spotted by you and two others at least. The lack of support to my reply and to my JIRA ticket suggest that those three people are not interested in Mainland roads, but I’m confident many others do.
  4. Meanwhile there was (again?) an unbroken string of andandoned parcels (marked in purple on the "before" map below) going from Nangrim to Sokri, and a feature request to LL was created: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-231165 — go take a look, maybe? @Conifer Dada @Qie Niangao @ChinRey @Patch Linden
  5. As of right now, only two regions in GlimmerBelle are showing the colored frame (when seen in the inworld map at max zoom): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wibbly Crossroads (yellow) and http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mendoza (magenta) Soon?
  6. And here's an updated map (screengrabbed from https://shergoodaviation.com/radar.php with some Photoshop): The green(ish) areas are those where the current map suggests a coastal region will be eventually added, the yellow(ish) ones are where regions are expected/hoped to be added but not really necessary given the known coastline. I’m crossing my fingers for all of these to be added, and even for 100% water regions filling the gaps (marked in grey on this map). Some numbers: 185 current Fantasy LH regions 062 apparently needed coastal regions 006 possible connecting regions 055 hopeful sailble regions
  7. Current map, as show in the viewer (Firestorm): The lighter border all around was added by me, to highlight the possible coastal region additions…
  8. For the record, this was finally complete on July 2021: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/472239-geography-of-zindra/?tab=comments#comment-2328530
  9. Meanwhile a new road was created slightly north of this location, along the southern edge of regions Osiliers and Varean: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Osiliers/14/11/84 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Varean/63/11/84 This is an unnamed road segment, on two corridor parcels both named "Protected Land" ; the road prims belong to Abnor Mole and are identical to those on Route 8A and Route 8C. The adjoining is neat and seamless (unlike elsewhere!), even though a look at the map reveals that this was added as an afterthought. There are rezz sone on both ends.
  10. Southern bypass finally paved! Last week, on the 21st, animats Resident announced in the group chat of Drivers of SL (secondlife:///app/group/402f2af0-fbe2-8b0c-d394-06532bc83437/about) that the Southern Bypass had been finally paved, no longer being just an empty corridor made of LL-owned parcels («Protected Land, Not For Sale») stretching along the eastern edge of regions Leening and Old Hen. (A few months earlier in that very same group chat there was light discussion and idle musing on the possibility of paving that right-of-way with prims encroached from adjoining percels, many of which were for sale at the time.) The ends of this old/new road are: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leening/249/231/65 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tariah/247/246/70 There is a private rezz zone at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Old Foxwood/205/5/65, near the northern end of the road. This bypass, of course, exists to uniquely offer a connection between the Zindran Central Highway and the Southwestern Bypass — which were planned to naturally join in a road fork further east/southeast, in the never built region secondlife://Ursula%20281/146/249
  11. Treeowatoor Region (1071,985) is a long curve strand with big waves and a quaint beach bar among ruined watercraft buried in the sand and surfboard rental stands. It's one of the new(ish) non-residential regions filling the gap between the two sandy cay areas of Bellisseria, with the stilt homes. It has two road ends (with rezz zones) of a funny type I didn't saw before on Bellisseria (see attached snapshots). (There are some road-water interfaces elsewhere in Mainland, namely in the coasts of Gaeta V, and in some lakes of Satori, and also on the newest, northeastern Bellisseria, but note exactly like this. Good for amphibious vehicles!)
  12. It mostly is, at 20 m, but in some places it’s higher: Off the top of my head, this happens in lakes of southeastern Sansara, as you saw, in a part of Zindra’s river, in the caldera lake in Heterocera, and the lakes in central Bellisseria.
  13. Oh, this is interesting! (Please see this new topic about Zindra geography.) (Later: Hm, should have noticed it’s the same topic… Sorry about the spam!)
  14. @KjartanEno, I plotted those “ghost regions” around Zindra on a map.
  15. Ursula: the hidden parts of never-built Zindra @SarahKB7 Koskinen suggested that I create a map to illustrate this, so here it goes: There are 131 “ghost regions” around Zindra’s southwestern and eastern coasts. These cannot be visited and inworld they are fully indistinguishable from actual grid voids on the map, but some web based grid maps, incl. LL’s official and https://maps.eddyofarrel.com/ (my fav, thanks @Eddy Ofarrel!), allow to see their names. Unlike the “ghost regions” that make up the lost Gaetas, these are all individually named — mostly from "Ursula 15" to "Ursula 528", a naming scheme that refers to Zindra’s early planned name and gives sequential region numbers (from west to east, north to south): There are 14 actual regions east of Ursula 15, so it can be presumed that Nelsonia was once Ursula 14 and so on. These 131 “ghost regions” are of roughly three types: (23: marked in blue) Coastal rims, either isolated regions or in single-region corridors, likely meant to be protected land for beach and sailing lanes, much like those actually created (Zindra regions such as Harkey, Faroumier, or the whole North Shore “estate”, from Pedrow to Fishergate). (88: marked in white) A large area filling up the southeast quadrant. It could have been planned as open water or cays (like in the area southwest of this) or solid continent (like at north) or any combination there of — depending on how the coastline glimpsable from Zoxen to Marafi was meant to be. (19: marked in pink) The missing area within the Trinoo-Xegul-Lierminster triangle. This was likely meant to be island/coastal, althought it’s not clear whether the incomplete island areas on Ixunda, Starcroft, Lierminster, and Leuran-Popke were meant to be one single island or several. (1: marked in gray "TX") "TestCrossing": one region immediately north of Vortex Adult Sandbox — apparently unrelated to the Ursula project. Interestingly, it seems that these areas were planned and put on hold before northern expansions of Zindra were built, namely the large Horizons “estate” (60 regions arranged as an “andean cross”), the 5 adult sandbox regions (2×2 from Sandbox Goyer, plus Vortex Adult Sandbox — the only unconnected region anywhere near Zindra, by the way), and the Arapaima Safe Hub, on the tip of a three region spur jutting off the mostly square general Zindra area. @Patch Linden, any plans for these missing areas?
  16. So I went looking around for a forum topic about Zindra geography, maps, travel routes, and/or history and I didn’t find anything suitable, so here it is. As a disclaimer I don’t own land in Zindra nor ever did, and I don’t particularly like it for travel and exploration. (Too much spam and poor building, more than Mainland usual, and the roads in Kama City were terribly designed!)
  17. This is funny: One of the new regions «first seen» by Tyche Shepherd’s grid survey today, May 16th, is an isolated private estate region at grid coordinates 625,1370 (way to the NW of any Mainland)… its name: Bellisseria… 😏
  18. And now LR…? North of Gaeta V, beyond the Serena checkerboard (at grid coordinates 1181,1210 to 1195,1207), there's three apparently identical 12-region “islands”, named "LR 141" to "LR 152", then "LR 161" to "LR 172", and then "LR 181" to "LR 192". Each of these three shows 5 terrain types, with varying vegetation and terrain color, and winding lakes/river. The 12 regions of each “island” are identically arranged almost irregularly, only with rotational symmetry. (And I went down a rabbit hole reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyomino…) The westernmost of these three seems to have been removed recently, as its tiles are flickering in the viewer map and it shows "loading…" with blue ring when clicked, while in the other two clicking gives a red ring and each region shows a fake infohub each (!). As of right now there's a 2-3 people in most of the 24 regions of the two eastern “islands”. I could not visit. Is this a new thing? What does "LR" stand for? Linden Resort, Linden Retreat, Linden Reclusory…?
  19. That map goes up to 1132 north and 1218 east. Further clicking around the Gaeta general area, I’m fairly sure it likely the Gaeta plan doesn’t go beyond that: From region row 1133 northwards (and eastwards from 1188) there’s a ~28×29 checkerboard of regions (straggered with voids) in a large private estate, almost all named Serena Something. Even to the south of that there’s 2×2 regions, at 1197,1131-1198,1130, named "Linden Lab Meeting 1" to "Linden Lab Meeting 4" (I should add those four to the map).
  20. The question is whether this revealing of otherwise apparently void region names on some web based grid maps (not the inworld grid map) has been in place continuously since 2008 or not. If it is a new thing maybe we can dream of the old Gaeta plans being unearthed by LL…?
  21. (I’m flattered by all the attention!) More details about this map are in this other post. I love to see the possible land use, a sensible suggestion considering Gaeta V and the known half of Gaeta I; not likely that some of this land would have very different terrain, like Nautilus or Heterocera.
  22. (Pinging @Patch Linden, @Abnor Mole, @Juliana Lethdetter.) I posted elsewhere about this subject and @SarahKB7 Koskinen urged me to share it here too: I made this map from what can be gathered from the grid map, using https://maps.eddyofarrel.com/ at the lowest scale region names are still visible. These region names suggest the shapes and locations of the lost parts of the Gaeta island group, forming rough outlines for the remaining of Gaeta I and for Gaeta II, II, and IV. These regions, to the north and east of Oppinjay, are not visitable and in most maps are indistinguishable from actual void. I never even noticed these names showing in the LL website map until it was recently mentioned. These region names are clearly temporary and slightly less cryptic than Bellisseria’s "SSP" region names: They are all named "Gaeta_" (actual underscores, not spaces) then a digit from 1 to 4. Regions that make up Gaeta I and IV have an additional "_reg" and a digit: Seems that while Gaetas II and III were planned small enough to be a single region cluster (I couldn’t fing any reference to this in http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Grid_Sector), Gaetas I and IV (and V?) needed to be internally divided. Apparently the parts of Gaeta I that were actually built were codenamed "Gaeta_1_reg_1" and "Gaeta_1_reg_3". I used colors to differentiate these nine areas. The checkered pattern helps identify all the ersatz regions, along with the grid numbers on the sides. I enjoyed creating this map and hope it can spark additional interest in Mainland exploration and lobying for improvements in it. I think I didn’t miss any non-void grid square, but further exploration with https://maps.eddyofarrel.com/ would be intriguing, and maybe not 100% fruitless. Back to this thread’s topic, why the large gap (13 regions wide as @SarahKB7 Koskinen mentioned in the quoted post) between Gaetas I-IV and Gaeta V? (Especially considering it is connected to Corsica… or was that a later addition?) Also, it’s unexpected that these four islands seem to have been planned with no water interconnections, although there's only 1-2 region gaps between each of them. Or maybe connecting regions were planned as water-only and for that reason never got a ghost name we can see on the map today?
  23. I kept clicking, then enlisted the help of http://maps.eddyofarrel.com/ (makes it much simpler!), and created this map. Very likely other people made a map like this before, but I never saw anything like it, so here it is:
  24. I agree. (Afer all, moving whole continents around the grid is the main subject of this thread!) There's a problem, though, which is: Connect the unfinished east edge of Gaeta I to what? Most unfinished landmasses have developped west coasts and cutoff edges on their east side: The old LH continents, Zindra, and even Sansara are like that. So no chance of adjoining two of those unfinished continents back to back.
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