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  1. Yes, Verona Voxel is my username, not a display name. As I was troubleshooting this issue, I did put in a display name to see if that would be found in websearch, but the results were the same: it was not found.
  2. My name, Verona Voxel, is not found in the websearch function. It is only found if I am using Firestorm's legacy search. But if I'm using the LL viewer or websearch in Firestorm, it is not found. Any ideas? I've searched using my Verona Voxel account and an alt's account. The name Verona Voxel not found regardless of which account I'm searching from. I've made sure the General, Moderate, and Adult checkboxes are all checked when I search...just in case. The "show my name in search results" checkbox is checked and has always been checked. I've set all my Privacy Settings
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