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  1. Hello, For sure there is not even 5000 items in this soft link. I did go to Unpakistan with the LL girl that is answering my ticket. For now nothing work so she just put my ticket to higher level. So waiting is my better thing to do atm.
  2. OH I made a ticket they log me and try rezz it, it didn't work. So now they are saying it's DFS Owner responsabilité to deal with that 😪 Ticket haven't been useful I feel they don't want to help 😭
  3. Oh yes I know and thanks for that!! Sadly for now nothign 😢
  4. To be honest I tried attach it impossible too
  5. Hello guys!! It's been some days that I didn't write here I was trying to solve my problem with LL. Actually after 13 days of Ticket, lots of time same questions, they log me and try to rezz it. Well ATM they are blaming the owner of DFS and it's on his own to find me a solution because LL didn't want to solve it. That's the last news I have.
  6. No LL starts answering but it's not solve ATM sorry
  7. I am waiting for an answer from LL. I will elt you know because it can be helpfull for eveyone. That's crazy that you can pick up that bunch but not able to rezz it this soft-link is kinda glitchy
  8. Well it was exactly the same height that I try to rezz it actually. That's why I don't understand why it's glitching Thanks for trying to help me
  9. The problem is I don't have rez failed or any message. It's just coming back in my inventory like I never try to rezz it
  10. No no Linden Plant, I tried to rez on many sand box nothign so I guess I have to wait
  11. 😢 It's like "Here" region doesn't exist or at least I can't reach to it. When I type the surl it's giving me the search webpage
  12. Let me try to find this region and try finger crossed!!!
  13. No there is only DFS object in it. No Linden plant in it. I would think in a sandbox special from LL but find nothing
  14. Blehhhh it's a no copy coalesced sadly Thanks for your help
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