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  1. Hello there! I'm working on a new Avi with a cute Asian k-pop vibe shape, but I am lost about Makeup stores! I'm already looking to buy the skin in Mudskin, but they just have lipsticks and I need good eyebrows, eyelashes, and maybe eye makeup. Could you guys recommend to me some Makeup stores for this? I'd really appreciate your comments!
  2. Ty so much for your help! noobies mistake 😜 @steeljane42 !!! Now is all good!
  3. Okay, so, I don't really know if this is related to my issue, but might as well mention it... A couple days ago, I changed my mesh body from maitreya to legacy, when I had my maitreya body on, I could see my avatar from front, rear and side view without any problems... But now, when I'm wearing legacy, all other camera positions besides the rear view are the same I can only see my avi from behind and I can't change the views trying to use or make preset views. When I try to do it, it doesn't work at all! nothing moves! X,Y, Z in camera and focus offset, neither the camera offset! Can so
  4. Hola a todos !! Estoy intentando empezar a tomar fotos más decentes, y ya he usado un par de veces las herramientas para esto desde el visor que uso que es el firestorm. Todo bien, creo que lo he logrado! Pero cuando termino de usar todo no sé como volver a las configuraciones predeterminadas del firestorm y he tenido que resetear todas mis configuraciones es demasiado molesto volver a tener que reconfigurar todo otra vez! ¿Alguien sabe si hay alguna forma de que pueda guardar mis configuraciones de cámara? La verdad no sé como hacerlo.... https://prnt.sc/vs64kz
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