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  1. Fair enough. I get a steady reading of 98% with or without a mask. That's the baseline I've established with my cheapo pule oximeter over the last 6+ months.
  2. I don't know about scientific studies but I did a short test with my own mask and pulse oxymeter. Mask wearing made no difference to my blood oxygen level.
  3. Mercifully, no-one I know has suffered or died from Covid-19. It certainly was weird and scary earlier this year going out to deserted streets full of closed-up shops, strict spacing rules on public transport and supermarkets. I bought cheap Chinese clones of the 3M 6200 and 6800 masks in February and they've served me well. Even after factoring in the cost of replacement filter packs, they've worked out cheaper than buying paper disposables over the same time period. An extra bonus is that the 6200 mask, which I use for cycling, is excellent at exhaust fumes. No more gagging on diesel or 2-stroke pollution!
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