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  1. I'm not even going to tell you how old. But old. They are i5 processors and they have 8GB and SSD's. That was the least I could do - oh and they are laptops. Laptops are much better for my "friends". I mean if I could afford it I would buy some lower end gaming laptops if I could but I can't. So the best news is that Catznip works. When you install there is a Intel Legacy mode - and that works just fine and in 64 bit mode. What's nice is, although it's slow, you can move and function better as things finish filling in their detail. No, this is not ideal. I know that but this was th
  2. I am trying to setup a couple of older laptops for some people who don't have the money to buy anything better. They are in a different country and technology is either nonexistent or very costly. Is there any viewer that will run on old hardware. Yes, I realize they won't "see" everything we see but if they could move around and go to events, even without seeing all the detail that would be fantastic. I've tried older viewers but most of them are as buggy as all get out. No, these laptops don't have great video. No, I can't go out and buy anything better for them (of course is someone w
  3. DaniRost

    Old Account...

    Thanks a lot. She has gotten to it yet. I'm trying to help her. I appreciate the input.
  4. DaniRost

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    We do have a bit of a language barrier.... I will try to explain this to her. So you think it will give a chance to change the email address? Thanks.
  5. DaniRost

    Old Account...

    I have a friend who wants to get back into an old account. I didn't ask but I'm assuming it was a free account. She knows the account name and the email address she registered it with - but has long forgotten the passwords. Is there anyway to recover this? And if so who should she contact? She speaks Spanish only... or has to use Google translate. Thanks in advance.
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