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  1. Why are you constantly questioning? I don't talk to men, I don't need to see them either. I don't really hate them but there is a lot of unnecessary avatar clutter. Is there just such a thing or not? There is no surprise in this .. Please friends. I think it makes perfect sense for someone with a slow internet. I thank the friends who helped. I do not read comments from friends who are surprised or try to humor on my topic..
  2. Where is that settings? llGetObjectInfo and look for OBJECT_BODY_SHAPE_TYPE,
  3. I don't want male characters to be rendered in-game. It would be enough to see only the female characters. Does this have a choice?
  4. I've been playing this game for 6 years. I try to take good pictures and cheer up. I strive to serve the good and the beautiful things. Sometimes i just waited without doing anything. First i tried to get to know people. I think i will meet more beautiful people. This belief keeps me alive. Love and respect. - SL ID: TonyJr8598
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