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  1. I also cannot post products to marketplace. I get the so sorry to keep you waiting message. I have all ASCII characters in the listing and still get the error.
  2. I was just testing it for FPS and for some reason the colors look richer using it. Things seems to rez quick. It gets updated frequently so I was thinking more bugs get squashed, latest features get rolled out before third party viewers, and any security improvements. I was just curious why those features weren't there. It would probably get more use.
  3. I get pretty great performance from the SL viewer but use a third party viewer for the additional features. I'm sure this has probably been asked before but I couldn't find it digging through the forums. Why doesn't the SL viewer include a built in AO or announce the music stream titles? Also what about privacy with the ability to disable the look at function so other users don't see where you are looking? These seem pretty common in third party viewers just curious why it is not in the SL viewer? Thanks.
  4. Traditional in Diamond town? Caveat emptor - that doesn't sound good. I just need a place to change outfits and rez until the stilts get released. I see there is a camper available but I think I might have virtual claustrophobia so that's not going to work. Please let me know if anyone is releasing anything. Greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I guess I'll give up my vagabond lifestyle of living in lighthouses, the USS galaxy and train stations and try to get another home for a few days.
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