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  1. Yea, sorry my account, my computer none of that will be touched by someone else. What annoys me is all these people running around with collars on begging to be owned. Then they get that from some random new avi whos a week younger than then and can't figure out what went wrong. Or why their self proclaimed master left them in a hole and never came back.
  2. Oh you must have ran into the owner of matriarch lol... She approached me all high and mighty and told me that I belong to her and that I just didn't know it yet. I just laughed. Then she insulted me for a few minutes telling me how it would be for life and blah blah blah. To which I told her I serve no one. This just set her off more. I'm. Sorry, rlv off what, reset scripts what. Nothing is permanent except their egos. A day later I see her collaring two brand new clones less than a week old.
  3. Bom for clothing instead of appliers to fill in those gaps is amazing, especially if you have long hair.... No more alpha texture issues.
  4. Ignore New players because they think they cannot RP....
  5. I hope this wont get me in trouble, as it contains no nudity... But I took this today during a session of mine. yes I am different
  6. Lol nothing immoral happening here.... But yea, if you don't know what rlv is or how to use it please take a moment to learn before trying to drug someone what ever role play you might be into....
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