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  1. NEW PRICE !!! 15 999 L$ / wk. Pay 4 weeks at once and get 1 600 L$ cashback!
  2. Click to teleport -> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brooks%20County/128/128/2
  3. Welcome to Dixon Estates! We Have many sizes, Grass or Sand lands available! We also have Homesteads and Full Sims (20 000 & 30 000 Prims) for rent. You can visit us inworld at Dixon Estates office or using Our Webpage at http://dixonestates.acatechsl.com/ Dixon Estates is one of Second Life's most trusted agencies, founded in 2014 by Bettyboop Parx. Dixon Estates has more than 75 regions and its growth is endless. Our goal is your satisfaction and we are listening to you. We do our best to make you satisfied and provide you with the best service. When you come to Dixon Estates, you are sure to be greeted with confidence and professionalism. Want to see for yourself ? Come and take a look at our actual promotions and rebates!
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