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  1. Lilly got updated to EvoX, alongside many (if not all by this point, I lost track) Evo line heads.
  2. Wait, MOD? This is huge. And the time to get Freya for myself. o__o
  3. Look up "family" and "family friendly" in places search. Some ideas, aside from stuff already mentioned (I looove love love zoos and amusement parks personally): family friendly beach outings, play dates with kids from other families, planning a family photoshoot together (ask kids to contribute ideas, they might surprise you), riding ponies, going to one of many SL museums, road trip if you drive at all (dive into SL wiki and plan it, so you can visit cool places with your kids), board games night. Also, go back to adoption place and look around for ad boards - a lot of family friendly places and activities promote themselves there.
  4. Persuasion by Jane Austen I am on Austen binge, it's the third book in a row, and I started watching that 1995 TV series based on Pride and Prejudice too... I might be having a slight problem.
  5. People (pressing responsibility for their mental health and lives on others, including total strangers online). Ugh.
  6. Cultural differences matter more than I expected. Being aware of them and sometimes adjusting my manner of speach slightly or giving others benefit of a doubt and questioning before being insulted myself goes a long way.
  7. Second shot done and over. Got waaay less side effects compared to my first. No fever this time and my arm was barely sore. Got some nasty headaches though, but they didn't last long either. Nurse in the vaccination center told me to keep an eye out for booster in 6 months or so. Couple friends got vaccinated in about the same time, so now almost everyone in our bubble went through this. Out of few people left - two are lazy and ignorant and one can't get vaccine due to medical condition. Luckily first two aren't going anywhere near the latter.
  8. To the credit of Kupra's creators - marketing effort to make it a success was immense. They made sure that very little is left to chance. If I recall correctly they had some sort of agreement with a few popular clothing creators, so at the day of the body release there were a few options to shop already. And then they created Kupra-themed event (Maitreya did the same with petite).
  9. Oh. I am going to grab a demo for one of my curvier alts,that promo picture looks lovely. Kalhene makes beautiful bodies, but clothing support is a big question. Brand has been around for some time. Their previous bodies can wear most of maitreya sized clothing, but I haven't seen brands pick up making Kalhene-specific sizes yet.
  10. Currently I am an explorer. I drive, fly, sail, skate, teleport - what have you - around the grid, visiting tens of regions a day. I like finding new places, expiriencing new things, diving into spaces born from other people imagination. It is the closest thing to traveling through other person's dream. And I work as a talkative version of the Destinations Guide to my friends as well,as a result. I was: photographer, blogger, model, ballroom host, store owner, role player, sister, best auntie ever, decorator, surfer, lover. Probably forgot a bunch. Likely will come to at least some of those again next time the wind changes.
  11. It could be, as long as it rains curvy elven girls.
  12. Another thing to think about - with the tiny amount of traffic that does exist, there is no guarantee that any of those people will stop to shop. Using myself as an example - I travel daily, it is my main hobby in SL at the moment. Mostly by roads. Things that make me stop and leave my vehicle are public spaces (amusement parks, small townships, hangouts with people in them) and exceptionally obscure builds. If I leave my vehicle, most of the time it means I will have to then look for a rez zone, and there might be none nearby, which then will annoy the hell out of me. To add to this - shopping and exploring are two very different activities for two very different moods. Where I do look for curious and unique creations, and sometimes buy them are builder communities fairs and show-offs, The Twisted hunt, themed (a least partly) non-fashion events, art exhibitions.
  13. For ballrooms one of the purposes is to have an area where new arriving avatars can peacefully rez, see that there is a dress code, say "oh" and decide if they want to change or not. I saw at least one beach club do the same thing for dress code as well.
  14. My pick is XeoLife. I've been using BeYou before, and enjoying it to be fair. But got really tired of how aggressively and constantly they are trying to sell you... well, basically everything. I have a feeling if they'd figure out how to sell you breathing, they would. That, and most of the furniture that is needed to keep your stats up is very much not my taste. I am missing BeYou cooking system. But XeoLife developer is working on one, if I recall right. And with overall freedom XeoLife gives me in terms of what kind of items and activities I can use... honestly, it's fine, I'll wait.
  15. Wow, I wasn't expecting animesh complexity wars when I opened this thread.
  16. This is also very questionable to me. I am not super familiar with adult work environment in SL, so maybe someone will feel like educating me on this. But from the common sense point of view - why would venue require it's employees to pay rent? Aren't they profiting enough taking a percentage of ladies' earnings? For freelance places that makes more sense, but I gathered those are not what you are looking for? Be very wary of people telling you to pay them for an "honor" of working for them.
  17. On Linden roads - 90 degrees turn right after region crossing. Better yet, put it on a region corner.
  18. I treatmy alts the same way - a box of dolls, each with their different look. Helps to keep their inventory relatively tidy, too. Since I only get them things that suit the look I am going for. They usually stay the same in terms of shape, worth some minor tinkering. On a whim I can give them full makeover with new skin, shape, mesh, everything. Happens maybe once a year?
  19. I have very on again off again relationship with SL. Last time I came back because a friend decided to check what's this is about. So I've been hanging out with them, and then Pride month came along, and I love parties during Pride month... and then I discovered that region crossings got good enough for me to actually enjoy driving as a hobby... So now I am hooked again.
  20. It's not? o.o All my best RP partners (with one notable dyslexic exception, whom I love very much) had variations of the same line after I've spent some time gushing about their writing: "Oh yeah... I read A LOT".
  21. Expecting people to be open to share personal information from the get go is a little strange to me. Even in real life when you meet someone through mutual hobbies, interests or, hell, just walking dogs in the same park - there is a period of feeling other person up before anything significant could be shared.
  22. Sure, I'll drop you an IM next time I log. If our online times match at all, we can walk around and check different schools out. :3
  23. Hello! Depends on your kid's age. And if they are a wizard or nah. Last time I checked (which was few months ago, so things could change) Bloomfield school district looked the most active. I know I had a close contender, but I will have to log in and look at my LMs to tell you. Big family communities and some smaller ones have schools. Those are mostly for community residents, but it might depend. Also keep in mind - many schools are on summer break right now, and will resume activities sometime closeish to Fall.
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