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  1. Picnic date, road trip, rent a spot in a resort for a weekend (check them up first, some have extra fun activities to offer), horseback riding (look up trails in sl search), book a photographer and take some "lovestory" type pictures, go see movies, walk through a zoo, visit amusement park. Also, it's winter so ice-skating, skiing and other cold weather activities are more available than ever. Good luck!
  2. There is also a group called Altamura Friends (or something along the lines) - you can find a group joiner in Altamura body store. It is used for promotions by designers that make Altamura sized clothes. Might be helpful to find more places to shop.
  3. As far as I am aware, you do not have legal right to use real person's photo without signed model release (signed by them it is) and photographer's permission. Celebrity or otherwise. At least for commercial purposes. There are exclusions, but they are rare, and you don't want to go down this rabbit hole if you are not sure what exactly are you doing. It might be also against TOS, but oddly I am more familiar with copyright laws.
  4. Pretty much me trying to wrestle with real world problems today.
  5. Wow this week was a challenge! The way things are labeled didn't help at all. Coat says it's yellow (okay), top thinks it's color is gold (?) and boots are labeled as #17, which is just... just... but they match everyting else!
  6. I keep my male and female avatars on separate accounts. It's just more convenient to sort inventory, outfits etc. this way, and I can drag my alt in a picture any time my heart desires. Keeping them separate also helps with getting into RP character easier, as I have to do the dance of logging in separate account - sort of "putting a hat" of this character on.
  7. Have you tried using a different skin? Is blackness still there if you change it?
  8. About two days. I have two subfolders in my Advent LMs folder: one for must visit stores and another one for those I am considering to remove from my list. I move LMs between folders as I unpack gifts. I try to keep my list reasonably small, so visiting stores doesn't become a chore.
  9. I have some favs today! Well, one is actually from a couple days ago. Same issue with not having enough time to unpack every day. These pajama pants make me way too happy for no reason at all. Or maaybe because cats. Cats for the win! These are from Eclectic Stars (Dec 2nd giftie... I think). And the little guy on my head is today's gift from Mishmash Fusion!
  10. Talking about skills which could be used outside of SL - my picture editing skills got better, my English as well. I learned A LOT about 3d and making game assets, and what makes a good one (it is still work in progress). Some things about map/level/landscape design. I am better at saying "no" to people without feeling guilty about it. More comfortable approaching strangers and better at small talk. Also, I learned to pay more attention to my surroundings in RL by exploring SL. Was surprised to realize the difference in the way I look at things now while venturing outside for the 1
  11. That was surprisingly easy (Addams fatpacks for the rescue!). And now I want a latte.
  12. My trick for times when I'm in doubdt about colors is to google "Pantone >paste whatever color in here<". A lot or RL interior and clothes designers follow along Pantone color guides. And as a bonus I usually get a few complimentary colors palettes for inspiration.
  13. Depends on a hairstyle AND a type of avatar I am using. One of my alts uses an anime avatar with one of those Utilizator heads. And for her I only buy unrigged modifable hair, because nothing else fits! On my main I prefer rigged hair, because it clips less and moves more naturally with my body. But then again - demo demo demo. As with anything rigged - have to make sure it is made to fit mesh parts I am using.
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