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  1. Hey HRH Andrew, I know how you feel - I had a similar issue, I just had to continue looking around until I found people that I enjoy talking too!
  2. Since I am bored I might as well join in the greetings Hello, I am a nerd who joined due to covid-19, I am looking for new friends and finding interesting stuff on SL. I read a lot of cyberpunk novels, I watch anime, read manga, listen to all sorts of music. I am a Buddhist and I am enjoying my spending more time than I probably should on SL.
  3. Hi, I am designing an avatar at the moment, specifically a cyberpunk sniper character based on several different shows/movies https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/STOP-PONCHO-DEMO/18323849 I found this one on the market but it doesn't really fit well enough on the kuroo body to allow me to wear anything underneath it, which isn't really what I am wanting. Is there any suggestions?
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