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  1. Hi! I've been in SL for about two years now and I am now ready to start earning some SERIOUS money in SL to build my empire. Services I Offer: Babysitting-Evening-After-Hours and Weekends Blogging-Need someone creative to give you sharp content for your services? I GOT YOU!- I blog in RL and enjoy it very much! Marketing/VA Services-Don't have time to market your business in SL- Let me help you! I can assist with placing ADS at various clubs and events to offer more exposure for your business! $500L a month(A portion of that will go into placing ads for your business or services) Need Club Promotion? $1000L a Month- or $500 a week I am interested in HOSTING-Never have but am a fast learner Other Interests- Real Estate, Admin, Tutoring/Teacher, and Modeling Feel Free To Message me in SL: Jade Jenson TALK SOON!!!
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