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  1. You might want to consider giving the Firestorm viewer a look over as it has a really useful AO built right into the client which means you can ditch those HUDs (which are often full of scripts you do not need anyway).
  2. The question you need to ask yourself @dznoir is "what do you want to do?" What drew you to Second Life in the first place? What is it that you are in Second Life for? Once you can answer those for yourself then the question of "What is a person who’s not a huge role player supposed to do here?" is going to answer itself.
  3. I ended up removing all tattoo layers from all my outfits and added them manually to each one - it was the only way they actually sticked! I'm sure glad I have no intention of changing my looks for a hell of a long time if it is going to be this much hassle each time!
  4. Ok I am a bit confused.... I changed the skin for my face which was a process of going through every single outfit, removing the face skin (tattoo) and hairbase (tattoo) then adding them in the correct order so that the airbase is on top and not underneath (hidden) by the face skin. Saved each outfit - job done? Not quite When I change to the outfits I am bald! I check the layer order in the edit outfit and the hairbase is correctly showing (and even appears when I am in edit outfit). I hit save and come out of edit outfit and I'm bald again! This is driving me crazy. Is there a better way to do this?
  5. If you have not used PayPal then be advised it will take several business working days to get a verified account set up as PayPal charges your bank and you need to key in the reference number they quoted in the debit.
  6. I'm looking pretty much the same each day - once you find something you like there has to be a darn good reason to change it.
  7. Which is best depends on you - which do you have most trust and confidence in?
  8. Must be a USA thing with this "OMG you can't call it that" as businesses in the UK have no problems with perception when they publish their Christmas Opening times - yep we call it Christmas not "holidays". We also call Diwali what it is and there was coverage of Guru Nanak Ji’s Birthday on the same media that has a Christmas schedule. We don't all celebrate those three (of a great many) events but we do have the courtesy to just call them what they are actually called and not tip toe around on eggshells.
  9. Even if the person is no longer on your list of friends you are still able to access, view and update the permissions from looking at their profile with the client.
  10. It took me around four days to get a large Linden Home. During that time refreshing the screen I saw a couple of campers and a traditional (which I took). I never saw a log cabin nor a houseboat. The only ones that will come up are abandons so you are going to have to be very lucky and fast to get one. Might be an idea to hold off until the new house styles are launched as I’ve been told there will be loads of abandons then.
  11. Yes demand does seem to outstrip supply from my experience anyway. I upgraded to premium and have been trying off and on for two days but have only seen a camper on offer which is not what I would have wanted. I gave up in the end and submitted a bid on a land auction for 1024sqm at a more reasonable price than the land sales that are being posted. Yes it will not be the same as being on a carefully designed and style enforced area but I can always review it later and get a Linden Home when (if) supply improves.
  12. It's going to be a logistical nightmare and minefield "encouraging" the owners of those older style homes to abandon them unless there is some way to guarantee that they get the replacement home style (not location) of their choice. It's not like they can just evict them - or can they?
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