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  1. I think putting your payment info on file, even if you delete them right after might solve your issue and get you verified. Not sure, I don't remember having this issue, good luck anyway, I hope it won't last πŸ˜…
  2. I do agree with @PixieGirrrrl a lot on interactions. I think my friends' list is about even between girls & guys but I do talk, shop and explore mainly exclusively with my girlfriends, it's like we're putting more time and effort into this. πŸ˜… That being told, my first friend ever who showed me the grid and teached me a lot about the basics for weeks was a guy.
  3. I don't mind being alone, it never feels that way. I think I spend most of my time on SL alone, mostly decorating or shopping (although I really need to stop spending all the Lindens :p) or just exploring but even whilst I'm doing that, I'm always chatting with SL friends so yep, I'm alone working on something but at the same time... not really. A+, I'd recommend ! πŸ˜„
  4. Superpower - To freeze time, can think of so many uses (spoiler alert : most of them aren't very legal but hey) Music - I don't think I could stand listening to one of my favorite bands forever, I'd end up hating them. I'd need something chill that isn't too catchy... My life's soundtrack would probably be... Lana del Rey. Could live with that or ignore the music in the background. Show - Doctor Who ! A lifetime of adventures on the TARDIS sounds amazing.
  5. Hey, I think you got it covered already, but Deetalez does have skins from CATWA HD PRO. Their body skins & add-on look very realistic in my opinion (even the knees are amazing), I'm less convinced by the head skins, they look fabulous but very young and smooth.
  6. Thank you that is indeed, super helpful ! I use poses from STUN & other brands for pictures but I had NO CLUE I could use them as a standing AO, I was wondering what was the point of the "breathing" actually... πŸ˜…
  7. I think the house is expensive AND prims heavy but I've seen it in a vanished Sim (F.E.A.R. - Face everything and recover, it was a beautiful nature/hiking Sim) and loved it : it's the Rebourne Lake house. Huge (two or three stories maybe), a pool and a boat garage, lots of glasses from the living room area but I can't recall for the rest of the house. Here is the marketplace's link : Second Life Marketplace - reBourne Lake House V1.0 ( boxed) (ouch, expensive indeed lol)
  8. The Hege cabin from Trompe l'oeil : Trompe Loeil - Hege Cabin for Collabor88 January | Welcome a… | Flickr is 17 LI (8 woodstove - does that mean it can be taken off ? Probably, I didn't try this yet) and only 88 Lindens. It looks great and it's a bit bigger than the Gacha cabin shown here (that I adore though !)
  9. I love this new release from Belle Epoque, it does have a Chanel vibe 😍
  10. @Elora Lunasea your pictures look a-ma-zing ! I do adore most of the brands that have been quoted already, so I'll only add Pepe skins for Lelutka... I really love the face skin, body is quite good as well and they do have quite fair skins (Moonbeam for example).
  11. Yaaaay a pastel color !!!! But wow... that was a hard one. I was too lazy to go through my 300+ outfits and typing yellow in my inventory only showed some lingerie I'd quite like NOT to show here. πŸ˜‡ But once again, casual outfits saved my day. The color hud of the legging I was wearing happened to have a yellow tone. A bit brighter than banana/vanilla but close enough, so here goes nothing :
  12. Thank you so much for your reply, my partner did submit a ticket on November 27th but their replies aren't much more informative than what they're writing here : https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ I guess we have to wait & see,... But, thanks to this topic I've met other clouds in-world, maybe I should open an haunted house, it's too bad Halloween is over πŸ˜‡
  13. I adore neutral tones, all shades of beige, creme, camel, champagne, nude and every other ones... BUT khaki so that one was tough. I've been through all my outfits and I don't have anything close enough to the Pantone. πŸ˜… BUT If we mix the beige top & the greenish skirt, we should get khaki, right ? πŸ˜‡
  14. Yep, it's that Metachat, thank you for your answer 😊 LL hasn't done anything about it yet, and it's been more than a week now. I think it doesn't affect a lot of people so it's not a top priority bug to fix I guess, but it's very frustrating !
  15. My story is a bit ridiculous : when I signed in I had no idea my login information would be my avi's name. 🀭 I thought that I'd choose that one later... So I didn't really think about it too much. I just knew I didn't want to link my regular online username to SL but I didn't have the slightest idea of how to call myself. Lolita from Nabokov is one of my favorite books. A friend was reading it at the time and she was asking me TONS of stuff while doing so but I couldn't remember every single detail of the book (yes that detail is crucial to the story lol). When I decided to sign in, that book was actually very close to me, because I needed to answer a text about it. I was searching for a name, saw the book, thought "meh that will do", tried to type it in a million different (taken) ways until I ended up with this ... username. As soon as I understood I'll be stuck with it, I've googled the issue and discovered the marvellous world of display names. 🀩 So she goes by the name of Lola, and I will probably never upgrade to Premium + pay fees in order to change her actual name. πŸ˜‚
  16. Your pictures are super cool ! πŸ€— If you need a side kick, hit me up ! I've never done combat before but I'm good at kicking asses when needed. 🀭
  17. Hello, 😊 I don't have many girlfriends to hang out with and I'd like to have a nice girl gang to explore, shop and mess around. My partner & I are planning to buy a land so I may be busy decorating for a while once it's done but it'd be a nice place to crash afterwards anyway πŸ˜† So feel free to message me in-world anytime ! (I'm on SLT+9)
  18. Desperate housewife mode activated, with clothes that would definitely need some ironing and a "please get me out of here" face. πŸ˜‚
  19. I didn't RP much on SL, I quickly figured it was very different from every other forms of RP/creative writing I was used to and I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. What bothered me the most, though, was how some people just kept ignoring what my character was saying or how she was acting/reacting because it didn't match their expectations or what they wanted. I believe that a rp is a story created with four hands and two minds, and not a single person forcing his little fantasy world on you, ignoring half of what you're saying πŸ˜†. Sometimes it was more subtle, like very poor hints in the other person's rp ("/me thinks how nice it would be if she stopped being so rude") and sometimes it was even more annoying, with plain, boring godmodding, explaining how my character was feeling . Well, not gonna work with me. So I know I've been annoying too, fighting a lot IC instead of just give up the rp and leave, because I was trying to make a point. Sometime quite violently, giving *****ty preds a taste of their own medicine. But, hey, I regret nothing, Buffy is my spirit animal 🀭
  20. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Really-drugged-beer-bottle-case-of-20-bottles/9838966 I used this one a few times. Not free but super cheap and you can get unlimited free refills (once a week) in a shady bar by asking a certain sentence in local chat while wearing the HUD. 😊 It does blurred vision & blackout and it tells you exactly after how manyy minutes it will strike, allowing you to adjust your rp accordingly before tping your victim somewhere.
  21. Thanks for the tip ! 🀩 When I was a complete newbie a few months ago, I bought SO MANY clothes that didn't fit my Legacy body on the marketplace because I had... well, no clue about anything, mostly. So I might use this sale as an excuse to grab a Lara body and finally use that alternative wardrobe sleeping in my inventory. 😊
  22. Thank you all for your help ! It hasn't been fixed yet but we're not touching everything, waiting for Linden Lab to work it's magic. πŸ˜‡ And in the meantime ... well I'm getting used to being haunted by an orange cloud I guess. πŸ˜…
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