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  1. I can't explain why. All I can say that I got a new MacBook Pro m1 13 inch and installed firestorm only on it and it runs amazingly well on high settings. I have compared this to a 5 year old 12 inch MacBook that I was using and its like night and day ! I have been very impressed with how it is able to run Second Life.
  2. I have to disagree - and I suspect you must have something else going on with your setup ... I have graphic settings on high and I am getting really good frame rates on most sims that I visit. Usually well in excess of 50 FPS depending on the sim I am at.
  3. The question I was responding to was if the Firestorm viewer would run on the M1 Chip. I was simply stating that it does and does it very well.. It was not intended to be a detailed benchmark of the chip and how it performs in different settings and situations !
  4. Yes I use Firestorm on one of the new MBP and it works with zero issues. Super fast too with frame rates between 60 and 120.
  5. I have always just used the keyboard and trackpad so I'm afraid I can't comment on the 3dconnexion space mouse. I supposed I'm just used to that method and I'm happy with it. I have not found any negative issues as of yet so very pleased with the increase in performance and also how stable the MBP with the M1 silicon has been so far.
  6. My new laptop is a MacBook Pro with the M1 chip and has 16 GB of memory. I have had no issues so far running Second Life on this. Frame Rates are excellent and everything just works. I have not changed very much by way of settings just yet. Graphics are set to high. If anyone has any other questions please feel free to ask.
  7. OK guys just to report that I took delivery of my new MBP with the new Apple M1 Silicon and I am very happy to report that Firestorm loaded under Rosetta with absolutely no issues. I checked and the graphic setting were at high and with no tweaking at all I got 75 FPS at my home. I usually only get about 15 - 20 FPS at the lowest settings so that is a massive improvement for me. I then TP'd to a few different clubs where in the past I could barely move and used to get around 3 - 8 FPS. I was getting anywhere between 15 and 40 FPS with no issues moving around. This is going to revolutionise my SL experience..lol Plus this is my preliminary findings and the viewer is running under Rosetta ...just imagine if FS actually brought out a native app for this new apple chip. I'm over the mood with how this has performed straight out of the box ! I hope this quick update will give some encouragement to other Apple users.
  8. Thats good news... I'm waiting on my MPB being delivered so I can test it out. Delivery date is next Wednesday. Sounds like its going to be a lot better than my 2015 MacBook which really struggles at times.
  9. Arm is the way forward. Apple will continue to eat into the laptop / PC market as they have done over the last decade. The majority of people are only concerned with power and performance and if apple can demonstrate that their arm architecture provide that and they get the price right people will move. Apple have demonstrated that they are kings of marketing and first class customer service and customers will respond to that no question.
  10. I agree Lyssa lets hope LL get their act together and provide an M1 viewer for the new range of apple computers.
  11. I thought someone from LL might be up to speed on it given that they might be looking into some future developments
  12. Thats good to know Lyssa ... keeping my fingers crossed
  13. Does anyone know if SL will run on the new Apple MacBooks just announced today ?
  14. Does anyone know if SL will run on the new Apple MacBooks ?
  15. Does anyone know if Second Life will run on the new apple MacBook just announced ?
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