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  1. Ive had the skyler head v1.2 for awhile (no clue if there is an update and where you find it on the main store) Being a bit of a muppet i never really added the hud and from some pressure from the wife have started to try and use it. While i can make the mouth open, talk or sing when typing mouth which is all super smashing great. But when i click on the lips/mouth area and select from the list of - part lip, part more, smile, smile too & chew. Nothing seems to happen. Wondered if anyone had any similar experience and could help me get my smackers working again.
  2. Thanks for all the ideas 🙂 some great ones there!
  3. Dear SL'ers I am partnered up with a dam good girl. I am trying to keep a bit of romance going, with the ocassional fun date, things like a scavenger hunt designed around her, few dinner dates (with me), dancing, funfairs, open mics, boating... the usual kinda stuff really. I was wondering if anyone has had a fun date away from the usual and willing to share what it was? Stuck for ideas, Stryke
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