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  1. So far I've been able to get away with just Blender and Qavimator, but as I progress through the images I want to create, I'm finding it more difficult to work with those and the available hand poses.
  2. Thanks for your input! I'd really love to make all my own animations, but the Avastar add-on for Blender is every bit as complicated as Blender was. The (very) outdated tutorials aren't much help either. Makes me wonder what the people who make the generic Bento animations are using for their work..?
  3. Thank you! I'll spend more time adjusting the second shape to more closely resemble the first. I haven't figured out the storing of wearables to where I can change from one to the other quickly but I'll get there!
  4. So I have two heads. One, I really love the appearance of overall. The makeup options are plenty and I can make and upload my own eye designs easily, but the facial animations are really weak. The other head, has much better facial animations, but I can't find great satisfaction in editing my shape to where I really like it. As someone discovering SL photography, I'd completely love to have all the best features of both in one package. Anyone else ever run into this? I'm almost bald from tearing my hair out These images are the same pose, same skins, same hair, etc...
  5. When there's good composition, or some aspect that I think is outstanding (use of light, texture, or palette) I'll like a picture. Sometimes I'll say why to the artist.
  6. Morning Stretches. Gotta love them!
  7. After an hour and a half of clearing the mind and focusing on inner peace, Rooby cracked a very colorful joke and chaotic laughter soon followed...
  8. I have more important things to worry about than who's touching themselves using my photographs as inspiration. On the other hand, that suggests my image(s) was/were considered thought provoking.
  9. Preview of my piece "Depths Of My Soul"
  10. "Sunset Dancer" She moves to the song of the setting sun, to the chorus of the evening, the symphony of the pending night
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