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  1. Ok so I own some man land in a sim where someone has a adult themed club. Ok I'm sitting on my own parcel and this guys guest sends me a message. Call me all kinds of nasty names is there best way to say it. Not only to me buy a friend on my parcel. So we blocked the person ok cool. and I asked the club owner to deal with his guests on the matter at hand. Only to be told in this order. 1) did I read his rules? (no I did not read your club rules in a sim we share as land owners in.) 2) You must obey my rules (So ever one in the sim has to let your guest bash them with such names)
  2. So I have googled this for hours and I just can't seem to find it. I know it can be done but I'm not sure where to start on it. I have my full script all ready set up just need a way to do this. So What I want to happen is for the script to reset only if the Notecard changes. So if I drop an item into the object I don't want it to reset ever time its changes Only when the notecard is updated. How would I go about that?
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