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  1. Hi my name is Dya and if u haven’t found someone to help then I’ll be willing to help u in successfully making your male avatar. Message me IW: Dya Marie or Insta: Hecravesdya.vl. I also included a picture of a previous client I’ve helped.
  2. I am Dya and I have been on SL for almost 7 months. I am currently looking for anything available at this time. I am currently a blogger of 2 companies and would like to expand more. her is my linktr if u wanna check out my post. 🙂 https://linktr.ee/DyaB
  3. Hi my name is Dya. I am currently looking for employment in any position. I am skilled in blogging, Customer Service and also modeling. I have the kupra, legacy pregnancy body and legacy body also belleza freya. My IW name is Dya Marie. I am also willing to learn new things any position provided. message me or send me a notecard. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity.
  4. Hi Misskeelin My name is Dyamond and I would like to apply for the greeter position if it’s currently still available. IW: HeCravesDya
  5. Hello everyone, my name is Dyamond Marie. I am new to Second life also looking for a job. I am friendly, outgoing, fun, and spunky. I am currently looking for a nursing position to help with clinic appointments and etc. I am also experienced in retail sales and customer service, I love fashion and helping people find what they came to look for so they go home happy. I am hard working and passionate about what I do, also a fast learner and reliable. Please feel free to IM me. -Dyamond
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