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  1. I've decided to not mess with mesh until i get the funds together for the maitreya thanks for all the suggests anyways all i'm greatful.
  2. ebody requires certain settings i can't have due to frames being bad.
  3. well it doesn't let me use genus it turns me red
  4. Back on here with an update altmura and meshbody (where you join The Shops group to get it) , they also don't work but only because they are a full body avatar and i am using the strong face freebie from genus and it would mean i would need to sacrifice wearing it which i'm not prepared to do. Thank you for all your suggestions everyone if you have anymore please add them to my post. have a lovely day
  5. I had some recommends to use ebody and at this point in time i 100% don't recommend i got it and the button they want me to press is not there to get rid of your set up initial white body, alot of the features are blurred out expecting you to use the full version which costs alot of linden to get and theres no support group only a bloggers group an online the hud looks different.
  6. Thanks for all the comments, I will be going to the freebies places suggested to me because I do hate the way my avatar looks so any and all suggestions non ways to change without spending Lind is a huge help. The tags are strange yes but my post wasn't intended to cause friction and I'm aware Im in the wrong place it's just that as a newb I do to it difficult without friends with the know how of the game to guide me to meshes like the ones you've suggested just now.
  7. I'm a month or so in but face the harshness of not being able to pay for lindens, I am unwell in real life and share the pc with three other people and am unable to get a job in SL due to the little time i have to spend online. I own the free strong genus mesh head but the rest of me is classic avatar Although it seems like a shot in the dark i'd like to request help from other second life users. I'd appreciate any and all help provided to me https://my.secondlife.com/soaping/#about_tab
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