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  1. OK, dont know if OP still is interested, but I do only text chatting and also IF only IF I trust person do I do voice(many reasons why trust has to be there). I even did a event at Burrow Coffee and Whiskey that was about reading poems or like, and did it in text so it is possible to meet people that understand that aspect of you. Honestly if my pc hadnt broken down, I probably would be doing more with my friends I made on SL and doing it without voice. 8/10 people dont realize there are forums here, and 4/10 dont care to do anything but whats in SL. That all being said, I do voice but
  2. scratching ear.... as i read unread ones since last I checked. Question, why does none state D/S/s? dom/sub/slave.... curious as i have seen more people say sub than all three in this thread and others and to me thats ignoring a big part of the lifestyle, unless im just too old school and dont know what the new kids on block are doing anymore, cough cough I know it hasnt been that long since I lived in this lifestyle and actually to some degree regret coming out of it for more "normalcy" cough cough. The comment about being called sir, ive gotta cringe at myself for many reasons. Though I have
  3. First off let me say sorry for late response, as the responses a day gimick on the forum got ahold of me, I can only give three a day it seems To answer question though, its more the perpectus that is shown by your words is more apt to be reality vs perceptional reality and thus why i stated what I did. As per reality never changes but perceptional reality(what most call reality or perception) always changes due to circumstance or situational awareness It was close enough to warrent a response to this... yes the outside is not same, but at all times the inside always is. What you
  4. learning how to use a third party client to allow me to message my friends on my situation so they dont think I abandoned them for no reason.
  5. I guess its the same reason that people make up pseudo personalities online... They are hiding themselves, cant be honest with themselves, cant be honest with surroundings, list goes on and on. There is a quite interesting amount of literature on the matter of pseudo personalities... But the conclusions come up to being more about being able to accept oneself or those around them not being able to. Saying that, there are people that use alts for other means also.... Like when I used another chat client, I have/had multiple nicknames until I found the one that fit me most(mind you they were ref
  6. I have to agree with both of you, though it only quoted one for some reason lol. A real dom doesnt need to overly show their capabilities, Most subs/slaves are drawn to them no matter what, rather it be just friendship or whatever shown. Honestly it is a little distasteful that people that have no idea of lifestyle and its many quirks wanna try to emulate things they will never understand. For instance, the fact people arbitrarilly state only a Dom that is male can be called master, or demands to be call that.... just gives me goosebumps when I see someone calling themselves that without
  7. There is always the saying that truth is stranger than fiction, and fiction is more truth than lies.... In many cases, unless you get to know the other person and they let down their "guards" one does not ever know the complete picture. I will state, I dont let my guard down easily and nor do I expect others to. I though if asked a question answer it honestly and without warrant I will tell someone off if they ask something that is beyond their scope of level of trust. For this reason most people, I do say humans alot when talking to people I am free with, do not like conversing with me... I a
  8. All I have currently is a chromebook and a Mobile phone. Correct, all I have right now is a Chromebook and android phone(that I am thinking of upgrading soon to another android phone). Thank you, I forgot about directories instead of messengers Thank you for the welcome, and you are the first to welcome me
  9. Truthfully, I know this may seem idiotic to some as they believe in the ananimity of the internet crap.... But to me, my relationships online or offline are equal basis. I do not hide rather in life or online who or how I am. I know many do but to me its annoying and tiring to have a fascade instead of reality shown. I know there are more people like me, but ther are also those that like fascades. So I just wondered if anyone believed as I do, or act as I do when it comes to relationships on SL... rather it be romantic, friendship, etc... Do you believe yourself in all reality that those conne
  10. hun or gent.... First off a Dom/Domme isnt just someone you find on the corner. In the lifestyle, it takes alot of trust and respect built over time(unless you go to an offical dungeon and play there and even then there are limits due to strangers and like) to find someone compatible with you. Most people first coming into the lifestyle, believe that a Dom or Domme auto populates and subs/Slaves follow them no matter what... Neither is true. A real Dom/Domme takes time to be able to know what the sub/slave desires, wants, and needs. This lifestyle honestly is alot more demanding than a marriag
  11. Most important part of relationships.... That is a truly difficult answer to give. From perceptive to reality stance, there are so many answers, society values, mores, norms list goes on to be able to pin point just one answer. IF willing to take more than one answer, for me it would be trust and respect. Without those two things I believe any and all relationships of any kind are doomed to fail. Communication plays into both while also complicates both. Though people say they respect the other persons views and like, yet they are judgemental and not able to see things for what they really are
  12. Ok so started this thread to ask, has anyone else had this happen to them... I came to SL recently(would love if they allowed a actual chat client for instances like this) and met a few good people here. I enjoyed stuff like having deep lifestyle discussions, asking opinions on stuff Id type out(song/poem), etc... They were also there as friends. But one day, my hard drive dies on me partially, due to HP support assistant being corrupted(only second time that has happened and both caused a need to resort all the way to factory settings), but this time my hard drive failed the short DST test...
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