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    floating words

    You guys are amazing thank you so much!! I hit CTRL+Alt+T while the game was still loading and I was able to see the prim and finally got it deleted. Thank you all for your help!
  2. Kelsea82

    floating words

    I have tried right clicking it, but all i can get is the house. I didn't know about the CTRL +Alt +T so I tried that and it just lights up the house in red, and does not show the prim box of the words. The wording is not attached to me it is just floating in the room. Thank you both for answering though
  3. Kelsea82

    floating words

    So I was going through my inventory, and I rezzed the word newbie. Nothing loaded and I have already deleted it out of my inventory. Well I go back to the area and there is the word newbie just floating there, and I have no idea how to get it to go away. Help would be much appreciated!!! Thank you!
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