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  1. Thanks Cirus and Alwin.. this explains what I didn't know about purchasing sims
  2. Thanks Cirus, but that's only 6 choices
  3. Thanks Alwin, that's understandable.
  4. This is under "Land Forum", and yes, I'm buying.. Care to speak concerning OP question?
  5. How does one go about independently search for full sims that are for sale?
  6. Yes, I've heard that, and I have a group. Thanks for reminding me Alwin, and for being willing to be so helpful.
  7. So the closest would be 4,096 sqm, but with my 1,024 sqm premium credit, it would be [1,024 + 4,096] = 5,120 sqm and would be charged only USD$22.00 p/m for the additional 4,096 sqm ?
  8. Is 5,120 sqm a full tier, and if so, how many prims would it have? If a 5,120 sqm parcel isn't a full tier, I'd like to know what would be the closest full tier on either side. Like maybe 4,096 sqm on the lower end, and 8,192 sqm on the higher end
  9. All very practical. I'd further forget the maximum price I'd pay, so if the current high bid is low enough, I could place my first and last bid worth 2 bids, a split second before bidding closed. I myself have spent ridiculous prices for parcels I really wanted, but in an auction, I'm not there for a deal, but a steal.
  10. The #1 portion of your remarks, was just what I needed to here, and for that thank you so much. The #2 portion of your remarks, seem to be not the case from my vantage point, in that showing no interest in the auction may lull others in thinking it's not so competitive. Also, and more to the point, there's simply no reason to tip your hand with any premature bidding. I'd much prefer taking my competition by surprise, allowing them precious little time to adjust.
  11. That makes perfect sense, and thank you for helping me with these questions so liberally.
  12. You've heard the old saying, "It's all about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION". I like the big 3, Water, Protected Road Connected, and Snowy. And then you have lands like in Zindra, where there are vast communities allowing no terraforming, making for a most homogeneous atmosphere. Do any of these types of lands I just mentioned have enough abandoned lands to make sifting through them worth the time and energy?
  13. I've never been able to efficiently find abandoned lands. Is there any way of targeting them?
  14. But that shows the competition what they must beat well ahead of the end. With proper timing, seconds before the end, I could give them no time to think out whether or not they want to match it
  15. Thanks for your response Alwin. Is the 'auto bid just the normal bid entry under the 'Submit Your Maximum Bid' ?
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