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  1. So looking forward to tonight's set for Sexy Saturday!!!!! Cant wait to see you all there 😘
  2. What an amazing night!!!! Line Dancing... get music and a heap of awesome requests to keep things going. Loved the theme and everyone was so very lovely to talk to as well.
  3. Our Sandbar has had an amazing makeover!!!!!! A new look pavilion for our amazing Open Mic Nights at House of Willluna. With our re-opening there was champagne and loads of great talent on the stage which now holds a beautiful grand piano. LANDMARK - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lack Manor/16/58/22 Every Thursday night 6pm to 8pm SLT, come and join us and have a drink at the bar whilst listening to the talented singers. See the photos below of some of the talented singers who supported our grand re-opening 🎶
  4. Want to join and amazing team? Want lots of events and fun within your employment? Why not join our amazing team and become a greeter/concierge for our great sim. IM misskeelin. wyldstormclouds or email willunaevents@gmail.com LANDMARK - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lack Manor/82/69/21
  5. Looking for employment that excites you??? Why not join our amazing adult sim full of great people and loads of fun events. We are looking for someone or a couple to run our BSDM manor in LANDMARK - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lack Manor/82/69/21 Please IM misskeelin, wyldstormclouds or flick us an email at willunaevents@gmail.com Below - Willuna BDSM Manor
  6. Looking forward to seeing you all there!!!! 👻 Cant wait to hear what you come up with for Devil's Night Nikki xx
  7. This Saturday come in your spookiest or sexiest Halloween costume to our amazing Sexy Saturday Halloween Dance Party!!!!!! Also check out our amazing Halloween themed photo area set up by the amazing staff and owner. Lots of single, group or couple animated poses to get that great pic to celebrate this Halloween. If you need help getting that special photo, don't be scared to IM one of the Willuna Staff to help you 👻 DJ Nikki Delite will be bringing her unique styling for our spooky event to get us all on the dance floor at Shadows Nightclub. I will be on the dance floor an
  8. Come on down to Smoothy’s Sand Bar put your feet up, grab a drink or party the night away on the dance floor, whilst listening to the amazing singers that perform here each week. I will be on the dance floor dancing the night away whilst listening to the amazing talent, so come on over and join in the fun. Last week we went into overtime!!!! There were so many amazing singers and it just keeps getting better and better each week we have this amazing event. Check out some of the amazing performances from our Open Mic Night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKYF_h2K7oU EVERY THURSD
  9. One Gothic Goddess to totally follow peeps!!!! Amazing music every time that you DJ and event....... cant wait to hear what is install for tonight's music line up. ☺️
  10. Hey Nikki Here's a great shot from last week that I got of you.
  11. Our Open Mic Night is bringing in the talent and just keeps getting better each week. You should be a part of the fun! Come on down to Smoothy’s Sand Bar put your feet up, grab a drink or party the night away on the dance floor, whilst listening to the amazing singers that perform here each week. We were also very honoured this month and celebrated the recent marriage of BrisAs and Lenny OKeli on Thursday 15th October. Our very gracious host, Willow, put out a lovely arrangement of sweets and a wedding cake for the couple to celebrate their recent nuptials. It was a privilege to share suc
  12. OMG!!!!!! I can't wait. Last week's music was amazing and thank you so much for playing my requested songs as well 😄 Was so much fun and am looking forward to what magic you give us tonight.
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