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  1. We share a lot of the same likes - and dislikes! Your avatar is absolutely beautiful as well, I adore your style! My name in-game is angelenesmith, feel free to send me an IM some time!
  2. I'm pretty new to SL, and am looking for goth/alternative friends (interest in witchcraft/paganism and symphonic/industrial metal are a plus!) - I mostly go exploring abandoned locations and taking photographs, and enjoy heavier music in clubs as well! (Please note - I am not looking for romance/sex, sorry.)
  3. Welcome to SL - I'm new myself, feel free to send me an IM if you wanna chat!
  4. Would you be able to do a general card reading for me? Or, if that's too vague - "what should I focus on for the rest of the month?". Also - IM me on SL sometime, I am a tarot reader too!
  5. I'm looking for recommendations for destinations with a gothic/dark/creepy feel, not necessarily Halloween-themed. Thank you in advance.
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