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  1. Thank you for the clarification. I don't have any problem with people trying to pass houses onto their friends per se. I do however get annoyed when I see said people stating time after time that others should use the land page and be patient blah blah all the while their in the DM's of house hunters asking for the houses they don't want!
  2. Next you'll be telling us that you also got your prime stilt pier property by pure chance and it wasn't also passed on from a GOH'er.
  3. Yeah! She abandoned it and you caught it. They even left you the wallpaper for it! People stood about on that region for weeks waiting to get a place and yet you just happened upon an abandon which you didn't post in the Beautiful Abandons thread thanking said person yet you're such a kind person. 🤔 People can believe what they want but I know what I saw and I have the receipts. Perhaps you'll be bestowed some sort of Bellisseria sainthood for all your good deeds. 😇
  4. People are only snarking because they are annoyed/upset which they have every right to be. Not everyone is in the fortunate position you are where they are passed a home in a prime location. Don't deny it I watched it happen. A large amount of alts does help claim homes but so does being friends with the main GOH'er.
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