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  1. Ok, I unchecked the box under "Privacy and Safety-Tweets-Protect your Tweets" section on my Twitter account settings, so it should be ok now if you want to try it. The option says: Only show your Tweets to people who follow you. If selected, you will need to approve each new follower. Learn more in case you want to know.
  2. I don't know, my account doesn't say exactly, but it says something like "Your profile is 100% complete", highlighted in green, I think it was in the "Overview" section. However, the "Email" section is empty, so I guess that would be the issue? As for the other problem, when I uploaded the images on Twitter, I uploaded them with the "Everyone" option selected for everyone to see, but I'll try to figure out the issue on my Twitter profile settings, I'll come back in a moment.
  3. Hi, how are you Alwin? Thanks, but how can I make my images public here? I didn't see an option.
  4. Hi everyone, I have an issue with two different emails I was sent to me through my personal email address in the past few days, the first one asked me to verify my email address, and I thought I did or maybe I didn't, so are the details below genuine? The second email was the weird one, and they told me to create an account for me, but I already have one, then they said that they were going to delete my e-mail address and not contact me again if I don't take action. I couldn't find customer support specifically about this, only about transaction and etc. inquiries. Below is a link of the two images I uploaded on my Twitter profile just as they appeared so that you see that it's proof of what I claim. It should show up right away, it's under the "Tweets" section. Thanks. https://twitter.com/JavierCampoJr3
  5. Thank you for your recommendations, your experience as an advisor looks genuine, and I found it very useful, I appreciate the time to give me support. Also, is the Caledon Oxbridge website part of Second Life? I saw that it mentioned second life. By the way, your blog has an interesting portfolio, very nice visuals and projects!
  6. Thank you again Molly for your insight !, I really appreciate it; this will give me quicker head start, but where do I go to start creating a portfolio? I tried the help section link in the link you provided, but it only displays information about how to shop. Do I need to navigate elsewhere on Second Life's site, or do I need to do it somewhere in the Second Life Viewer app that I downloaded? I assume this is think the main game software for me to start creating my avatar, etc. right? I only opened it once and showed up a basic avatar with my name and with my profile and navigation tools and links I believe. Please let me know about this, meanwhile I'll try to figure it out by myself, thanks anyway.
  7. Hi Molly, thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it; this gives me a better understanding of exactly what I need to do, and makes it easier for me to start working on unique textures. Also, where do you go to find ingame jobs for using textures? I now have a basic understanding of the texture tools with the link you provided; do you recommended practicing first before finding a job? Thanks
  8. Hi Everyone, how are you? I would like to know if there are any educational requirements for having drawing skills in Adobe Illustrator at Second Life? Can I even find a job or activity here that has to do with basic drawing knowledge? To illustrate, I'm only a beginner, meaning I've only taken an introduction to multimedia online class at Mt. San Jacinto College, and have now earned badges in Learn from Fiverr Adobe Illustrator classes at Fiverr.com, so I have a quite a good grasp in both conceptual and technical knowledge, however, I'm not an expert or professional. Next, I ask this question because I saw in Second Life's, "Guide to Jobs in Second Life" under the "Skilled Jobs" section describing: Skilled Jobs Skilled jobs are of two types: Classical skilled jobs, where you employ one of your real life skills directly towards an activity in Second Life. Freelancers/business owners, where you bring in other skills that don't relate directly to Second Life, but which can be employed successfully to give you a steady income. Please let me know, thank you for your courtesy and patience. Javier
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