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  1. Hi everyone... Having a issue with a hud where one of the child prims wont render till its right clicked, the prim in question is a mesh pane. Any ideias what could be wrong, not sure if this is the right forum to ask.
  2. Sorry for the 24h delay on reporting back but the forum limits to 5 messages a day, guess couse i just join it, never the less seems a bit short. I run some more tests on this and the only way i could find to make llGiveInventoryList or llGiveInventory work was to get another resident to send me a no transfer object and add that object to the HUD inventory, with that the Animation server either also attached or rezzed in world will transfer the non full perms items to the HUD inventory. What i dont get is since if i rezz the HUD in world i can drag the non transfer assents to it or t
  3. The prim that gives the contents is not part of the HUD link set. The contents giver is where i store all mi poses, self made or bought, and its a 4 prims link set, where poses are devided by gender or unisex. I wanted to import them in to the hud, not having to rezz it on the ground. That will alow me to at any moment attach the giver link set and transfer what ever i need in to the hud even if im in a no rez sim, solution was to add a no transfer item to the hud inventory.
  4. After some more research found this: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7306 So tested by attaching a no transfer prim as a HUD and used llGiveInventoryList, it worked fine, so seems this bug was never corrected and since the hud was created by me, i have full perms, i can't give to inventory no transfer items while attached.
  5. This is the error i get in the debug channel: Unable to give inventory list: Unable to add 'CWS - male1', 'CWS - male2', 'CWS - male3', 'CWS - male4', 'CWS - male5', 'CWS - male6', 'CWS - male7', 'CWS - male8', 'CWS - male9', 'CWS - male10', 'CWS - male11', 'CWS - male12', 'CWS - male13', 'CWS - male14', 'CWS - male15', 'CWS - male16', 'CWS - male17', 'CWS - male18', 'CWS - male19', 'CWS - male20', 'CWS - male21', 'CWS - male22', 'CWS - male23', 'CWS - male24', 'CWS - male25' The poses are no transfer, but since bouth objects and the poses belong to me, i should be able to add them v
  6. The server where this script is has a listener in the root prim, depending on what poses i select MALE/FEMALE/UNISEX from a dialog it sends the linkset a message, CMD_FILTER decides what poses to send to the hud, LK2 is a second prim where the poses are backedup. And yes, it receives the keys from the hud. It works fine when rezzed, it fails when attached as a hud.
  7. Hi every one been battling with this and cant get it to work, want to transfer mod/copy/no transfer between a pose server, and a hud. integer MALE=101; SUB_TRANSFER(key LK1, key LK2) { integer ANIMECOUNT=llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ALL); integer IDX; string SCRIPTNAME=llGetScriptName(); list ITEMS =[]; for (IDX=0;IDX<ANIMECOUNT;++IDX) { string ITEMNAME=llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ALL,IDX); if(ITEMNAME!=SCRIPTNAME) { if (llGetInventoryPermMask(ITEMNAME,MASK_OWNER) & PERM_COPY) { ITEMS+=[ITEMNA
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