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  1. I have more than 100 MBPS speed but my ping time is pretty high which is why i guess i am having this trouble but there is no solution to this so i guess sadly this is goodbuye to SL
  2. Hi I restarted Model a few times nothing changed. I have contacted ISP but dont think there is going to be help from there soon. So i guess its good bye SL then :(
  3. raised ticket too but no response :( damn anyone? SOS
  4. Just and update here @Qie Niangao I was not able to change this before i login haha stupid of me. Once i login i was able to change it but other problem of logout remains
  5. Hi @Qie Niangao Thanks for quick and detailed response have raised support ticket.
  6. Hi Thanks for quieck respons @Profaitchikenz Haiku I have tried with patchcord as well same issue persists.
  7. Hi After I login approsimately 2 mins later I am logged out with message "damn you have been logged out of second life" I have searched forum and tried everything mentioned nothing seems to be working. here is screenshot of the message. I am on win 10 16GB I7 laptop with 100 MBPS stable wifi
  8. Hi new here and want to explore adult content but when i open settings and find dropdwon for "I want to access content rated:" Its default to G and M and if i want to change it to Adult the dropdown doesnt work it doesnt even open up for me to make change. It seems to be locked My profile and me both are 18 + in real and virtual life
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