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  1. Ok so, I tried sending myself something from an old alt and that worked fine. So I tried it on this account again, just to be sure, and it's suddenly working fine I have no idea wtf happened but... I guess it's fixed now? My only guess is something to do with the fact that it was a new account and some kind of waiting period after I added payment info? 🤨
  2. I thought I'd already covered all the basic "I've been here for years, I know how to SL. This isn't a normal problem" type info but, evidently I forgot to mention that yes, I did check to make sure the account I was logged in to in SL and MP were the same. As for the first comment, "if there were an actual marketplace issue like this"... I'l try not to take that as the insult to my intelligence, and integrity, that it appears to be and assume that your shock and confusion over the very real, very unusual, (as mentioned) never before seen error lead to a lapse in manners and courtesy.
  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong category. I wasn't sure where to put it, as it didn't seem to neatly fit any of the headings :/ Ok so, something really weird is going on with marketplace ordering, something I've never seen before in more than a decade of SL... I've created a new avatar and was trying to gather hair demos (as one does) and placed an order on marketplace for 10 demos (from a couple of different stores) at L$0 each. After going through the usual "Are you suuurrre you don't want to spend any lindens?" page, then confirming the payment on the checkout page, the page redirec
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