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  1. This is what I have so far. This is with bakes on mesh enabled, i believe, and i added the skin replacing the ashton skin I had.
  2. I figured out my problem, I needed to use a BoM head Alpha to use the hair, but when i apply it, this is what I get. The hair base works, since it's BoM, I'm able to attach it. but i get this skin texture glitch.
  3. I've been trying to attach a hairbase for the past hour, with no luck. I'm using the Lelutka Skyler Head with the Signature Gianni Body. Whenever i try to apply it, nothing shows up, I'm kind of stumped at this point. I've tried Moddulus hair bases and CL hair bases, with no luck. I'm fairy new to second life, maybe i'm applying it wrong? I hit the yellow box first and then the little red dragon.
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