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  1. I have an alt who is a bot but I got him a premium and had a couple of houseboats which I loved but felt closed in so I rolled and got this seaside Victorian in Crawford. I really love this one too and my partner by pure luck got the house opposite. (Not the greatest pic sorreh !) EDIT I have jelly brain, alt is log and myself is Vic !
  2. I've had my log home since December, abandoned another I had for months for it. It only has one neighbour who is never there and has it's own bridge entrance. Also next to small river and waterfall. I love it.
  3. I got two of the best spots ever purely by chance, just clicky click when the rumour was the stilts were coming out. Best time to try get a cool place....release or rumour of release of new theme. It's all just luck really.
  4. I have 2 accounts this and one I use to sit on boats. Both premium. It took me ages to get two nice areas (A beach side Vic and a waterfall log) but this is because I HATE playing GOH, it frustrates me and I find it boring, I will stay in houses for months because I'm too lazy to pick up my stuff and leave haha. My patience isn't good with catch and release so when I was casually looking again to get rid of this terrible houseboat I had I waited until people thought the stilts were going to release and I got both my ideal houses. So I was either very lucky or just picked the right time.
  5. I'm pleased that breedable rules have been added to the covenant.
  6. I don't really post on the forum haha. But I just want to say thank you to Frigga and all for finding all the bargains of which many i have picked up. It's nice to have someone go check stuff out and find stuff, makes life so much easier. I always follow this thread with interest. So cheers everyone !
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